Bruno Heller promises many villains for ‘Gotham’

  In just a few months time Fox will treat us to ‘Gotham,’ which is the much talked about series that will centre on the early career of Detective...



In just a few months time Fox will treat us to ‘Gotham,’ which is the much talked about series that will centre on the early career of Detective James Gordon and chart his rise to the role of Police Commissioner, which is what he is known for in the Batman comics and respective movies.

In a new interview to promote the series Executive Producer and lead writer Bruno Heller promised that we’d get to see a lot more villains than what is currently being touted for the series.

To date we are aware of younger versions of Cat Woman, The Penguin, The Riddler and the shows own creation Fish Mooney.

“You have to front-load the pilot with the best that you’ve got. You have to open big,” executive producer Bruno Heller (formerly of The Mentalist) said Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour in Beverly Hills.

Of course as the show progresses Heller says that they will be far more careful about villain overload, but also reveals that there are plans to introduce more villains, but only at key points in the series.

The one thing that will be very noticeable to comic book fans will be the severe lack of superheroes on this series. In fact based one what we have seen already of the shows trailers. There is a very vintage noir feel to Gotham, which kind of both makes it believable as a city that could birth The Batman, but also somewhat of a character of its own.

“If there is a superhero in the show, it’s [the city of] Gotham,” Heller explained. “It’s a larger-than-life character. … Heroes are more interesting than superheroes. Superheroes do the impossible and drama is really about the physically possible. This is about people and people trying to overcome real problems as opposed to trying to learn how to fly.”

Heller isn’t worried that the lack of heroes will drive comic book fans away because he feels the most interesting bit of any hero is the origins, and ‘Gotham’ while mostly centred on Detective Gordon will also look a little at the origins of a pre Batman Bruce Wayne, but just after him losing his parents.

In showing that journey, the show will play with “issues of who was there and how,” but “what we won’t do is break the canonical iron truths of the mythology,” Heller promised.

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Written By: Ian Cullen

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