Book Review: Dragons of a Different Tail: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales

An anthology book about Dragons, which features 17 very different tales from 18 talented fantasy writers.

Description: An anthology book about Dragons, which features 17 very different tales from 18 talented fantasy writers. The book features stories that put dragons in far different situations and settings than we are used to seeing them in. For example. One of the stories features dragons being ridden like horses in an alternative wild west setting. Whereas another story features a Dragon that is hiding in Victorian London. The book is written by a mix of award-winning as well as new writers and is a first publication for Cabbit Crossing Publishing.


The Stories

Dragons of a Different Tail features 17 unique stories from 18 very talented writers. The concept of the book was for the writers to tell a story about a dragon or dragon’s, but without the usual tropes of Dragons hoarding treasure and such like.

What you wind up with are 17 brilliant stories. For example ‘A Wild Beast of The West’ features a story by Marx and Julie Seaton Pyle about a rancher who has hired some people to stop Dragon rustlers from stealing the few remaining wild dragons of the west. In this story. You get both an unrequited love story as well as a story about the preservation of dragons.

‘Tiny Hearts’ by Sophia DeSensi is an adorable fairytale-style story about a tiny dragon that imposes himself on a young woman who is a baker in a world where sugar has been outlawed. In this story. The tiny dragon takes the young girl home with him so that she can bake for the various mythical creatures that he shares his home with. This was one of my favorites from the book because I could see it as an animated movie in my head.

‘The Brooklyn Dragon Racing Club’ by Katharine Dow is a story about a young woman that buys herself a racing dragon and gets taught about the sport of Dragon Racing from a veteran racer. When we spoke to Dow in the recent SFP-NOW Podcast. She told us that this story was inspired by the local pigeon racing scene that she learned about when she moved to Brooklyn.

‘Spirit of the Dragon’ by J.C. Mastro follows the adventures of a Rock band that is fascinated with ancient myths. In the story the band goes on a bit of an adventure to find an ancient book in the hopes that it will help them come up with lyrics for a new album. However, they get rather more than they bargained for.



Irrespective of whether you love dragons or not. This book is a brilliant read and has lots to offer readers in terms of different worlds and situations that are on offer. For example, there is another story in the mix about a dragon that becomes the heavy-weight boxing champion. And the book also includes a very sweet Christmas story called Forgiveness.

In short. This book has something to offer everyone. And uses a good mix of classic fairytale tropes, to more grounded subject matter. We even get a story that borrows from Chinese Mythology and is somewhat inspired by Mulan.

And for those that like to know where the inspiration came from for these stories. This book has you covered. As most of the writers and their stories have their own making of chapters included in the book.

A full list of the stories and their writers is below:


The Stories & Writers



“Mastering Aesthetics” by Heidi Ruby Miller

“The George” by Timons Esaias

“Mouth of the Dragon” by J. Thorn

“A Wild Beast of The West” by Marx Pyle & Julie Seaton Pyle

“Wei Ling and the Water Dragon” by Jeff Burns

“Tiny Hearts” by Sophia DeSensi

“The Brooklyn Dragon Racing Club” by Katharine Dow

“A Friend Called Home” by Francis Fernandez

“Forgiveness” by Colten Fisher

“Witherwillow” by Carrie Gessner

“Chasing the Dragon” by Sean Gibson

“Spirit of the Dragon” by J.C. Mastro

“Catalyst” by Kevin Plybon

“Poisoned Water” by Sen R. L. Scherb

“Big Dreams” by Victoria L. Scott

“Resorting to Revenge” by K.W. Taylor

“The Last Hour of Night” by G.K. White


To sum up. If you are looking for a fun read over the holidays. Then I highly recommend that you give this a go.


UK Readers can get their copy of Dragons of a Different Tail here

Readers in the US can get their copy of the book here


If you’d like to listen to what some of the writers had to say about their stories. You can check out a recent podcast episode from SFP-NOW, which we have included the audio player for below:

Dragons of a Different Tail
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    22 December 2021 at 10:41 pm -

    Reading a story or two at a time so as not to rush things. This has been lovely. Just the therapy I needed after Game of Thrones’ final season, which left me more rattled than I realized.

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