Bill and Ted 3 Trailer Drops

"Be Excellent to One Another . . ."

This week, the trailer dropped for Bill and Ted 3: Bill and Ted Face The Music. For many people around 40 (me!) this is super exciting news. Growing up with Bill and Ted, they have a connection to the characters. The same amount of years have passed for fans as well as the characters. That’s also true for both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter (and William Sadler, who wasn’t a part of the first adventure, but was a key part of the second playing the role of Death a.k.a. The Grim Reaper) too. This is an interesting aspect, as the older actors will reestablish their relationship with fans, through the lives of the characters, who will no doubt have undergone changes of their own. So, the result will be a combination of nostalgia and the exciting adventure of the next stage of the story.

Since there were first rumors of a third movie, and serious belief that it would actually happen, fans of the cult heroes have wondered how it would work, in a later setting, with Bill and Ted as adults. So too did Reeves and Winter, with there being many scripts that were rejected. They wanted to make the best film they could, and give the fans they love so much what they deserve and have waited for so long. That’s what makes being a fan of something cult so special. The people who play your heroes/icons seem to care a great deal. Better to wait and get something great than a rush-job! Sometimes things come along exactly when they’re most required . . .

With the world in an absolute mess right, and things seeming to get even worse, we’ve never needed the return of saviors more than we have now. Yes, Bill and Ted are coming back to rescue us! The boys have grown up, and from the looks of the trailer, things haven’t quite taken off for them in the way that they thought. Wyld Stallyns are still going though, we learn in the trailer. Just about. There’s hope. With that in mind, let’s remind ourselves what it is that Bill S. Preston Esq and Ted Theodore Logan are all about and what their future promises.



The idea that music can provide salvation is one that is a powerful way to think of the human story. That’s the main thread in the Bill and Ted story. Certainly, music has the power to reach out and connect us. The sounds transcend barriers, for a start. Masses of people all hearing the same “language” is certainly something quite incredible. That’s what the story of the first two films riffed on heavily, particularly Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991). This kind of thing is exactly what we need. A reminder of how vital it is to hope for a new future, one of peace and tolerance. This promises to be a brilliant edition and just in time for cinemas everywhere to reopen. What better movie to remind us that we all have to dream, and heroes can be anyone, anyone at all. Sometimes, especially those who least expect it to be them. So, in the words of Robbi Robb’s brilliant track, “In Time” the atmospheric accompaniment to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and characters’ “music of the future”, the time is almost here . . .

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