Big Finish Review: Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles – Second Chances

Synopsis: From time to time, everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has things from their past they’d like to undo, but nobody gets a second chance. What’s done is done and...


Synopsis: From time to time, everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has things from their past they’d like to undo, but nobody gets a second chance. What’s done is done and we can’t change that.

Zoe’s mistakes have led her to imprisonment at the hands of the Company. But when news reports trigger memories of the Doctor, Jamie and an appalling threat, she begins to sense a way out. An opportunity for redemption opens up to anyone willing to take it.

Nobody can alter what’s been done. Nobody gets a second chance.

Or do they?

Review: Second Chances, which was released last month serves two purposes. It serves as the final chapter of the Companion Chronicles, which have given us Doctor Who drama’s from the point of view of the Doctors companions, but it also serves as the final part of John Dorney’s exploration of what happened to Zoe after she left the second Doctor.

One of the great things about this story is that Dorney has written it in such a way that you need not be aware of what happened in the previous two adventures that featured Zoe who was dealing with having brief flashes of her past adventures with The Doctor and Jamie before having her memories of those adventures erased by the time lords.

Wendy Padbury carries the story really well because there is a lot of drama and exposition to get through. The story centres on Zoe remembering one of her adventures with the Doctor and Jamie, which ended in disaster.

The great thing about this story is that it really makes clever use of ‘Doctor Who’s’ time traveling premise in that Zoe is remembering something from her past, which has not happened yet in her present. The story is full of clever twists like that.

For this story Padbury is joined by Emily Pithon who plays her friend Kym.

Directed by Lisa Bowerman the story crams a lot into the running time of a little over an hour and is a great note to end the Companion Chronicles on.

The closing few minutes of the story are quite an adrenaline rush and I was surprised by the ending.

I’ve gotten a few of these Companion Chronicles stories and have really enjoyed the chance of learning more about things from the point of view of The Doctor’s companions. Zoe was a favourite companion of mine from the Second Doctor’s era of the series. She was cute and extremely smart, which are qualities that I really enjoyed about her in the show. She was really the first companion that was as smart as the Doctor and I loved how we got to see her computer skills brought into play for this episode, but also essentially got to see her not succeed and have to deal with that failure.

Listening to this story has made me want to look for the other two adventures involving Zoe’s life after leaving the tardis.

I’m giving this adventure a 5 out of 5. It’s a pretty solid and a clever story that makes fantastic use of time travel and provides some very fun and unexpected twists. This would have made a fantastic television story.

Score 5/5

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