Big Finish Review: Blake’s 7 – The Liberator Chronicles Vol 9.3 “Secrets”

Spoiler Alert: Be sure to have listened to 'Planetfall' before reading this review.
SPOILER ALERT: Please insure that you listen to Liberator Chronicles Vol 9.2 "Planetfall" before reading this review

Synopsis: With the future of the rebellion in jeopardy, Vila and Grant infiltrate an illegal arms bazaar – but who exactly is Solvin Tavac and what does he want with the crew of the Liberator?

Review: This episode picks up right from where ‘Planetfall’ left off – and the crew of the liberator are still trying to get a hold of the list, which slipped through their fingers in the opening story.

This time Michael Keating narrates the action as Villa and the story of the list plays second fiddle to the character interaction between Villa and his father Tavac – who is once again voiced by David Warner.

The interaction between Villa and Tavac throughout this final chapter of the story is nothing short of amazing. The characters start off being pretty resentful of each other, but eventually develop a grudging respect, which makes how things end all the more heartbreaking.

Lisa Bowerman, who directs this chapter does excellent work to insure that Keating and Warner milk all of their scenes together for all they are worth. The interaction of an estranged father and son getting to know each other in a high stakes auction turned robbery seems very believable and you find yourself wanting both Villa and Tavoc to resolve their issues.

As always the music and sound effects are top notch – as they have been in pretty much every single Blake’s 7 story have listened to from Big Finish thus far.

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Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Vol 9.3
  • The interaction between David Warner and Michael Keating
  • Didn't want it to end
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Sound Effects
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