Best New Science Fiction Games

Our curated selection of this year’s top new sci-fi games is the perfect gateway for those looking to dive into exceptional science-fiction gameplay.

Our curated selection of this year’s top new sci-fi games is the perfect gateway for those looking to dive into exceptional science-fiction gameplay.

Our list includes both innovative indie creations and eagerly awaited follow-ups that are set to offer profound narratives, strategic gaming experiences, and cutting-edge tech achievements. 

Delve into our recommendations for an inside look at what renders these games essential in science fiction gaming.


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Exciting Releases: The Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Games of 2024

Casting our eyes toward the horizon of the gaming world, the upcoming sci-fi titles have gamers gripped with excitement. 

This year, prepare to be captivated by a lineup of games that are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground within the sci-fi genre. 

Each title is set to deliver a unique experience, complete with twists in gameplay, enthralling stories, and the latest in game development technology, promising to immerse players in worlds beyond their wildest dreams.


1. Homeworld 3

Among the stars of the upcoming sci-fi video games, Homeworld 3 shines brightly, poised to offer a strategic odyssey like no other. With the introduction of the War Games mode, traditional RTS gameplay merges with roguelike elements, posing a challenge for even the most veteran admirals. 

Every battle is a roll of the dice, with randomized fleet combat scenarios unfolding across various maps, ensuring that no two engagements are ever the same.

Aspiring to be the perfect game for fans of the series, Homeworld 3’s Artifacts provide strategic depth, allowing players to augment their ships with improvements to power, speed, and weaponry. 

The thrill of the challenge escalates with each level as new gameplay modifiers up the ante, keeping you engrossed and on your toes.

Slated for release in May 2024, this entry aims to reignite the fervor of RTS enthusiasts and attract a new generation of gamers eager to helm their own space station during an alien invasion.


2. Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2, a monolith in the sci-fi video games landscape, has its release date keenly anticipated by gamers craving more sci-fi action. 

On September 9, 2024, players will don the armor of Captain Titus, now a lieutenant, and plunge headfirst into the Fourth Tyranid War. 

With his enhanced combat abilities, courtesy of the Rubicon Primaris procedure, Titus is a force to be reckoned with, and the game’s engine, built for handling vast enemy hordes, ensures that every encounter is a visceral experience.

Collectors will find the game’s premium collector’s edition appealing, boasting a hand-painted statue of Lieutenant Titus, among other memorabilia.

This game is not just another sci-fi game; it is a testament to the power of storytelling and gameplay when they come together in perfect harmony, offering a blend of shooting and melee combat that will satisfy fans of the action RPG genre and first-person shooter connoisseurs alike.


3. Star Wars Outlaws



A roundup of the best sci-fi games would be incomplete without acknowledging the Star Wars universe. Here are some key features of Star Wars Outlaws:

  • Developed by Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment
  • Open-world exploration of the galaxy’s underbelly
  • Terrestrial and spatial thrills
  • Third-person cover-based gunfights
  • Range of gadgets
  • Stealth abilities
  • Seamless transitions from ground operations to space dogfights

Kay Vess, along with her comrades Nix and ND-5, will be our guides through this narrative that weaves between iconic Star Wars locales like Tatooine and new settings such as Akiva, a planet mentioned in the Star Wars: 

Aftermath book series. The story unfolds during a pivotal time between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, expanding the lore and offering fans and new players a chance to explore the outer worlds of the Star Wars galaxy.


4. Portal: Revolution

Portal: Revolution is more than just an additional entry in the game series; it stands as a fan-made tribute symbolizing creativity in contemporary gaming. As a prequel to Portal 2, this mod introduces new characters and a storyline that expands on the original game’s universe. 

Emilia Conly, a name that will soon be on every Portal fan’s lips, plays a central role in a narrative that takes us back to a time before the events of Portal 2.

With new gameplay elements like suction vents and paired laser cubes, Portal: Revolution invites players to explore and solve puzzles that raise the bar for creative-level design. 


5. Nine Sols

Nine Sols, a gem in the sci-fi genre, resists simple categorization, luring players into its grim narrative with a Sekiro-inspired deflection-focused combat system. 

The game’s ‘Taopunk’ universe is a visually striking blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and Taoist philosophy, with hand-drawn environments and Japanese manga-inspired cutscenes providing a feast for the eyes.

The interconnected regions of Nine Sols are ripe for exploration, filled with secrets and story elements that unfold as players control Yi on his quest to slay the 9 Sols. 

The game presents intricate boss fights against ancient guardians and gruesome creatures, posing a formidable challenge that will test players’ skills and resolve.

For those curious to experience the game’s unique world and action, a demo is available on Steam, offering a glimpse into the forsaken realm that Nine Sols brings to life.


6. Unknown 9: Awakening

The cryptic realm of Unknown 9: Awakening lures players with the allure of supernatural enigmas and age-old secrets. As part of the expansive Unknown 9 Storyworld, this game is a gateway to a vast transmedia narrative that challenges players to think beyond the screen. 

Reflector Entertainment, the developer behind this ambitious project, is crafting a unique detective experience in the gaming world.

While gameplay videos have yet to be released, the anticipation for Unknown 9: Awakening is palpable. The game offers:

  • A protagonist’s journey through The Fold, a mysterious dimension interwoven with elements like secret societies
  • A depth of storytelling that’s rare in the sci-fi genre
  • The opportunity for players to influence the progression of the Unknown 9 universe through Unknown 9: Chapters, an interactive experience that further blurs the lines between game and story.


7. The Outer Worlds 2

The Outer Worlds 2, by Obsidian Entertainment, embarks on a journey to a new star system, with planets teeming with exploration opportunities and a character cast filled with promise. As a follow-up to the critically acclaimed original game, the sequel is set to deepen the RPG experience with a longer campaign, expanded customization, and more branching story paths. 

The addition of a diverse array of companions ensures that every playthrough has the potential to unfold in a myriad of ways.

Humor is a hallmark of the Outer Worlds series, and the trailer for the next game doesn’t shy away from poking fun at its own in-development status. 

Planned for exclusive release on Xbox Series X and PC, players can look forward to jumping into this adventure on day one through Xbox Game Pass. It’s a game that’s shaping up to be a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike, offering a glimpse into the distant future of the gaming world.


8. Mass Effect 4



Mass Effect 4 aims to rekindle the enchantment of in-depth space exploration and robust storytelling that characterizes the series. 

With a TBA release date, the anticipation for the game is akin to the vast expanse of space—limitless and full of potential. 

Fans of the franchise are eager to see how the game will build upon the narrative excellence of Mass Effect 2, which is regarded as possessing the series’ most acclaimed story and character dynamics.

The game’s developers are tight-lipped about the details, but the promise of returning to the beloved Mass Effect universe has fans on the edge of their seats. Mass Effect 4 aims to continue the series’ legacy by:

  • Offering great writing
  • Providing character development
  • Giving players the chance to become once again intergalactic heroes in a universe brimming with possibilities.


9. Control 2

Remedy Entertainment is generating buzz as Control 2 progresses into the proof-of-concept phase, tantalizing enthusiasts with hints of innovative gameplay and story elements. 

The team has been bolstered by members from the Alan Wake 2 crew, suggesting that this sequel aims to transcend the original game’s distinctive abilities in a bold attempt at innovation.

Though an exact release date remains unannounced, there’s no denying the excitement surrounding Control 2 reflects its significance within sci-fi gaming culture.

Keen fans are on alert for new information, eager to Explore the enigmas of the Federal Bureau of Control and confront new supernatural hazards.

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