Best Comics of 2020 So Far

Writer Daniel Warren Johnson makes his debut at DC Comics with Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. He is among the best storytellers and artists in the comic book industry, especially when it comes to original and creator-owned ideas.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have significantly affected the American comic book industry. For instance, Diamond Comic Distributors, the leading transporter of comics from print to retail, announced a stop to shipment of all products starting from April 1. Webcomics, some digital-first comic series, and most graphic novels continued with publication relatively undeterred. Perhaps the only disruption is that the monthly comic book issues sold at local retailers- a significant hallmark of the US comics industry- ceased operations. All in all, for those who wish to buy research papers, the ongoing pandemic does not mean that there is a shortage of thrilling publications out there. Below is a look at the best comics of 2020 so far.




The X-men line is arguably the hottest thing from Marvel Comics at the moment. The publication is a flagship title for an X-men re-invention project done by Jonathan Hickman, the great mastermind of superhero comics, together with a team of talented collaborators. The various characters may now be in an overarching and brave new world. All in all, this publication offers a guide through what matters most in that world. X-men mainly feature stand-alone episodes, something that makes it more accessible when compared to many other comic books.


Superman Smashes the Klan


Superman Smashes the Klan by DC Comics presents an interesting combination of ideas. For one, it pays tribute to the experiences of Gene Luen Yang, a Chinese American writer who was brought up in California. The publication also incorporates the real history of the character’s radio program battling the Klan decades ago. Readers will enjoy some good old school heroics that highlight the fact that Superman is actually an immigrant to planet earth. A combination of all these ideas creates a more powerful and thrilling story than they would do on their own. This comic book is page-turner with great meaning, and which speaks a lot about the current times and sheds light on where to buy essay online.


Immortal Hulk

Immortal Hulk is the publication by Marvel that is seen as giving X-men a run for its money. While the latter may be the coolest comic franchise for the company, Immortal Hulk is definitely the best individual book. This rare superhero comic book was launched for the first time June 2018 and gone on to become better and better. It has a creative and consistent team, and has managed to tap into the character’s long history to find new storylines and adventures. A kind of a combination between horror and action, Immortal Hulk is definitely the finest individual comic publication by Marvel this year.


The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern takes a well-known character and speculates that all elements of continuity can be utilized. It is written by Grant Morrison, one of the few brilliant superhero comic writers from the last few decades who are still active. Many of his colleagues have either significantly reduced their content, have stopped writing altogether, or have shifted to something else. Morrison has stated the Green Lantern is his last comic book, and he has made amends for this by making the publication quite thrilling. He has a wide range of content to borrow from, give a fresh breath, and create new adventures. Also, there something rather mind-blowing about the book’s space cop concept; which is attained by both Morrison’s genius and collaboration with Liam Sharpe, a great comic artist at his peak. Sharp’s drawing have always been excellent. However, he has done great work in the Green Lantern, making the comic imaginative, detailed, and full of intricate details. It is truly one of the best comic publications for the year.



Marvel Comics brought back its flagship superhero team back in May 2018. Avengers is made up of a lineup that those who mainly know the movies should be familiar with. The comic book may have been a bit off the track as its initial arc felt somewhat prolonged and bloated. All in all, once it found its rhythm, the publication has been excellent since then. A lot is happening in the book, with plenty of good ideas that perfectly match with the inherent absurdities of major superheroes. It also features two additional characters in the form of Ghost Rider and She-Hulk. With its variety of characters, Avengers is a comic book to look out for in 2020.



Superman has come out as the focal point of the story being told by writer Brian Michael Bendis in his new role as the character’s steward at DC Comics. While there may be a few complaints on social media on this role, it has been embraced positively by most comic book fans. For one, the publication features the advent of the Legion of Superheroes at the end of the first arc. It also introduces a new twist in which Superman reveal his identity for the world. The writer may have apparently been stuck with a few shortcomings, such as an unappealing Rogol Zaar design and an incomplete Jor-El plot thread. All in all, Bendis has experienced such obstacles before and came out smiling, and superman is no exception. The publication definitely deserves to be among the best for the year.


Doctor Boom

Doctor Boom tells the story of the titular character who confronts a certain prophesy that could enable him save the world if he plays his cards right. However, he has to contend with being set up for a rather serious crime of terrorism. Writer Christopher Cantwell does an excellent job in the book and even manages to bring out the best in artist Salvador Larocca. The entire series run has been quite remarkable and easily makes the book among the best comics for the year. It presents the ideal place to access movie review essay samples.


Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

Writer Daniel Warren Johnson makes his debut at DC Comics with Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. He is among the best storytellers and artists in the comic book industry, especially when it comes to original and creator-owned ideas. The publication narrates about Wonder Woman and her adventures as the only surviving superhero in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters and mutations. Such a storyline facilitates some thrilling comic action. It also brings out the main character’s intrinsic faith in the goodness of humanity as she struggles to figure out if she has been wrong all that time.

Now that we are midway into 2020, it would be fun to have a look at the best comic books of the year so far. The above-mentioned publications are the notable ones by Marvel and DC, two of the most prolific publishers in the comic book industry. Extra attention has been given to whether a book is easy for new readers to understand or get hooked to.


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