Bernice Summerfield To Face The Wrath Of Sutekh In New Big Finish Series

The full title is 'The New Adventures Of Bernice Summerfield Volume 2: The Triumph of Sutekh' and will see Bernie tackling one of the Doctors most iconic enemies.

Bernice Summerfield is to face off against Sutekh in the forthcoming second volume of ‘The New Adventures’ series, which will be available to order and for download in June.

The full title is ‘The New Adventures Of Bernice Summerfield Volume 2: The Triumph of Sutekh’ and will see Bernie tackling one of the Doctors most iconic enemies.

For those new to Doctor Who. Sutekh made his first and thus far only appearance in the classic Tom Baker story ‘The Pyramids Of Mars,’ which was released during the early 1970s when Philip Hinchcliff was the series showrunner.

Much like in the first volume of adventures Bernice a former companion of the seventh Doctor and a full time archeologist will be joined by The Doctor and Ace for the new adventure. As with the previous release the story is split into four chapters.


The Pyramid Of Sutekh

Professor Bernice Summerfield, archaeologist and adventurer, has discovered a Pyramid on Mars. Inside she finds her old friend the Doctor is fighting a battle with the Osiran God Sutekh. One he is losing.

The Vaults Of Osiris

Egypt in 2015 is an unsettled place. The trade in stolen antiquities is a murky one, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse, as an ancient and terrible force enters the market.

The Eye Of Horus

Ancient Egypt is enjoying a golden age – peace, prosperity and a powerful Pharaoh. But something is moving through the sands. A forgotten god requests an invite to the feast.

The Tears Of Isis

Russell Courtland prophesied the world would end on Tuesday. No-one was more suprised than he was when it did.

This new set of adventures sees Lisa Bowerman return as Bernice. She will be joined by Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace.

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield – Volume 2: The Triumph of Sutekh is released in June and can be ordered at a special pre-release price of just £20.00 on both CD and Download (+P&P where relevant). The four disc set is accompanied by a fifth disc of extras, also available on download to all purchasers.

A small teaser is already available as a free download on the story’s page, and was premiered in the most recent Big Finish podcast. More news, including the cover and trailer will follow soon.

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    8 January 2015 at 9:38 pm -

    Dibs. I cannot wait. It’s fitting that Sutekh returns in audio, as it was a voice over role that just happened to require a costume and a set.

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