Bec and Kawl: The Case for a Live Action Adaptation

Bec and Kawl was a comic strip that ran in legendary British comics anthology 2000 A.D. Starring gothic artist Becky Miller and her stoner/film geek best friend, Jarrod Kawl

Bec and Kawl was a comic strip that ran in legendary British comics anthology 2000 A.D. During the ’90s and ’00s. Starring gothic artist Becky Miller and her stoner/film geek best friend, Jarrod Kawl. Written by Simon Spurrier and drawn by Steve Roberts. This comic poked fun at ’90s geek culture and the occult. Kind of like Spaced meets Supernatural. Given the state of the world at the moment. I’d say we need something to cheer us up and make us laugh. Becky and Jarrod’s misadventures could do just that. But who could play Bec and Kawl? Keep reading for my thoughts.


Katie Marovitch as Becky Miller

Marovitch is a comic genius. If her College Humor videos are anything to go by. I could see her portraying Bec’s self absorbedness and desire for fame and glory brilliantly. Marovitch has the unique skill of making a deplorable character into someone you like and care about. This would be perfect for Bec. Katie Marovitch could use her own accent in the show and there could be a running gag about how Becky thinks she’s British but is actually American. I can see this comedian pulling this off excellently.


Will Merrick as Jarrod Kawl

This performer is known for Dead Pixels as well as the BBC’s Dinosaur. My own view is that he could pull off Kawl’s haplessness. As well as showing us the character’s hidden decency. Which comes out in the Freakshow storyline from the comic. Merrick I feel would play well off Marovitch and be able to provide a good foil for her version of Bec Miller. He also has comedy experience from his role as Will in Dead Pixels. The only issue is that comic-verse Kawl is somewhat slow witted and Will Merrick always gives the impression of intelligence in his characters.


Andrew Scott as Pierre Ramonez

This character regrettably is somewhat of a stereotype. From a 21st century perspective. Being a French pest controller/demon slayer from 1933 who is trapped in limbo by an evil sorcerer. It’s possible that they could make Ramonez more heroic and less comedic. Which Andrew Scott would be more than capable of doing. There’s a fine line between affectionate parody and cruel mockery. Which in today’s world has become even more difficult to walk. It’s important to remember that Bec and Kawl, like Nikolai Dante, began in the ’90s. When people’s attitudes and what was considered funny were a lot different. Perhaps Ramonez could be a posthumous character whose legend inspires Kawl to be better?



’90s Geek Culture vs New ‘2020s Geek Culture

There are still many many jokes to be made about 21st century geeks. Maybe Bec and Kawl meet a female cosplayer who is so utterly perfect in every way that it sends Bec into a jealous rage. Only for the cosplayer to be a hell god bent on conquering the world. Perhaps there’s a self help guru who brainwashes Kawl into becoming the complete opposite of who he really is. Only for the guru to harvest Kawl’s soul. Prompting Bec to lead a mission to stop him and get Kawl’s real self back. They could even send up the multiverse trope that’s now popular. With Earth becoming a battleground for hundreds of superheroes who end up destroying it. And only Bec and Kawl can send them back to their own dimension.



Would you like to see a live action Bec and Kawl show? What characters do you want to see on screen? Please leave a comment and remember, nobody else gets to be you.

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