Batwoman’s Sam Littelfield Chats with SciFiPulse About The Villainous Mouse and More…

Sam Littlefield opens up about his character Mouse, coming in for make up and hair before anyone else, being raised as a Deadhead, the Bat-Lair, and The Joker.

The CW’s newest Super Hero series based on one of DC Comics iconic Bat-Family members, Batwoman, is now deep into its first season with a newly minted loyal fan base and brags an amazing cast of accomplished actors. Among these actors responsible for bringing Batwoman to life is the fantastic Sam Littlefield, who plays a character never before seen in the DC Television Universe, Mouse.

Mouse, named Johnny as a child, is the son of Beth Kane’s captor, who thought the young socialite would make an ideal playmate for his outcast and scared son. Overtime Beth would become Batwoman’s primary nemesis as the mad Alice (Rachel Skarsten), with her dear Mouse as a beloved companion, partner in crime and envious enemy of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman.

SciFiPulse writer and co-owner, Tye Bourdony, was fortunate enough to catch up with the versatile Sam Littlefield, who was an absolute pleasure to speak with and really gave SciFiPulse and Batwoman fans a fun look into the making of the show, as well as some tantalizing tidbits of things to come on the up and coming new Bat-series from the CW.

SFP “Hi Sam.

SamHey, how are you?

SFP “Great thanks. Its a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks so much for agreeing to talk with SciFiPulse and great work by the way on Batwoman and the character you play named “Mouse”. I’m a huge fan.

SamAwesome man, thank you so much. I’m very happy to talk to you and I appreciate you.

SFP “Thanks. But before I talk anything about Batwoman realated, I have to say that I visited your website and it was really amazing to see that you’re kind of a renaissance man and Jack of all Trades. You’re an actor, producer, writer, and a director as well huh?

SamYou make me sound so good!” [Laughs]

SFP “Something that really popped out at me, for instance, was that you co-wrote and co-produced, “Mother’s Little Helpers”, which was really cool.

SamYeah, it was an amazing experience collaborating with so many equally amazing and intelligent people, who were really involved and committed to making the best piece possible and I’m really proud of the film.

SFP “I guess in any profession it’s nice when that’s the environment that you get to work in.

SamIts all too rare and all the more pleasurable when you’re able to actually stumble upon something like that.

SFP “I can imagine. And its something that you helped to create. Very cool! You also appeared in some very notable shows such as Angel, Everwood, CSI: NY, How I Met Your Mother, Messengers, NCIS, The After, and of course; Batwoman. But I have to ask, about Amazon’s “The After”. I’m a huge fan of Chris Carter and the X-Files, and I saw that not only were you the lead, but Chris Carter created it specifically for you. Is that right!?

SamYeah that’s right.

SFP “Wow, how cool.

SamAnd in the pilot, in the last maybe ten seconds of the piece, I was naked and covered in make up for a very long time. I was playing the devil and my character would come out in different forms and in different characters in every episode.

SFP “Oh wow, that sounds interesting.

SamYeah, it was such a trip being along for that ride.” Just then Sam’s tone changes ever so slightly and matter-of-factly, “It took me twelve hours to get the makeup completed for that. The second hour I had to be standing naked …” with Sam continuing to talk over my laughter, “and I had five make up artists surrounding me for the following ten hours.

SFP “WOW ..” I say as Sam laughs in the background, “.. what else would you expect I suppose from working with Chris Carter!?

SamExactly.” he trails off laughing. “His brain; he’s just got so many ideas.”

SFP “I can only imagine. And was there any pressure when you were like, ‘Oh my god I’m going to be the lead in a Chris Carter production’?”

SamYou know there definitely was a lot of hype surrounding it and I felt like I had to feel pressure, because working with Chris Carter is such an amazing opportunity.

SFP “Exactly. No Pressure.

SamThat made me more nervous than anything really. But he was a lovely guy and he put any nerves that I might have had at ease.

SFP So you were just talking about make-up. I was going to ask later, but I’ll ask now. As Mouse . . .

SamYes, let’s do it!” (Laughter)

SFP “. . . you have make-up to go through as well, but it doesn’t take you nearly as long as twelve hours I would think!?

SamNo. And I have the most amazing make-up team on the show. We’ve forged such a strong relationship where the time passes by so quickly. I think the make-up takes about two hours each day.

SFP “Oh wow, so you come in earlier?

SamI definitely come in earlier than everyone else!” the sarcasm in Sam’s voice makes me laugh as he continues, “I’m only kidding. But, I’m actually a blond with short hair and my head is full with hair extensions. I was just in the hair chair last week and it was ten hours in the hair chair.

SFP “Just for extensions?

SamWell it’s so intricate. Basically every follicle on my head is attached to a new piece of hair.

SFP “Wow. Mouse has that stringy kind of hair.

SamYeah and there were so many hair and make-up tests. I think we had like six hair tests and seven make up tests along the way. But this is a character that wasn’t in the DC universe prior to Batwoman and so they felt more of a responsibility to create as dynamic of a character as they possibly could. And they really wanted to make sure that the overall image that was needed in the end was something that people could remember and relate to.

SFP “Right. And I gotta tell you it worked. It also seems to be that your character is maturing and while I was going to get to this in a couple of questions, I’ll ask now. In the latest episode (Tell Me the Truth) it seemed to be a step forward for Mouse, seeing him impersonating Col. Kane, played by Dougray Scott. Who I’m a big fan of . . .


SFP “When I saw that I was like ‘Oh Boy’, this seems like an omen of naughty villainous things to come.

SamOh well I mean it’s just entirely the tip of the iceberg.

Mouse’s character is consistently evolving. We’re still filming and I think we’re five or six episodes ahead of what’s aired. I could never have foreseen the twists and turns that Mouse takes along the way . . . and I feel like I have certainly been along for the ride. And I know the audience will too.

SFP “Oh how fun. Just imagining what you’re talking about seems like so much fun and I won’t ask, but I can’t wait to see it. Well, I will ask one; but its wacky so I won’t worry about it. And if you can’t answer I understand. Does Mouse survive the Coming Crisis?

SamWhat is the coming crisis? Because there are so many of them, so which one specifically?” (Laughter)

SFP “Oh . . .” (More laughter) ” . . . Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’m a bit of a Geeky comic fan so forgive me for making assumptions. You know the big crossover event that’s happening.

SamOh. Well, I hate to tell you but Mouse is actually not in the crossover. He’s taking a break. He’s been doing a lot of work . . .” laughing I jump in.

SFP “Got you, got you . . .” (More laughter)

Sam. . . he’s been eating his Wheaties and probably watching Batwoman along with the rest of us.

SFP “Gotcha. What was your thing growing up? What is your passion aside from acting, producing, directing and writing?

SamMy family raised me as a Deadhead . . .” again I jump in.

SFP “Very cool.

SamMy parents went to over thirty-three Grateful Dead concerts. And all with Jerry Garcia!

SFP “Love it. Love it. Very cool. People will love that.” we’re laughing again.

SamSo music was a really big deal in our household and it continues to be in my life right now.

SFP “Well let me ask, is Batwoman the only thing you’re working on now? Or are there plans for anything when the season’s over?

SamWell I’ve been developing a feature that’s coming together now. It’s kind of like a pseudo-musical called ‘Moyamoya.’ It’s about a stroke victim who loses his memory, and has a relationship with a stripper that lies to him about who he is in order to get money out of him.

SFP “Oh wow.

SamIt’s kind of a mystery, pseudo-noir film. It’s very different, its kind of like Little Shop of Horrors meets Pimento.

SFP “That sounds very, very cool. Let me ask you about the last episode of Batwoman (Tell Me the Truth) and how Ruby Rose; who I love, She’s amazing. As Kate Kane in a restaurant there’s bias against a gay couple, and she really stands up for GLBTQ rights. And I’m a huge ally, so I loved it and felt it was amazing. What were your thoughts about that?

SamWell I think that our show as a whole is revolutionary and that we are seeing a lesbian superhero as our protagonist . . .

SFP “Yes. Love it!

SamAnd Ruby bears such responsibility as she is the first and I think she’s doing a great job of representing the LGBTQ community.

SFP “Agreed.‘”

SamIn any way, shape, or form the writers can do stuff like that I think only furthers the cause.

SFP “Right. And it’s so important because it’s such a great platform for it, from a pop-culture perspective.


SFP “What’s the set like? Is it fun and collaborative?

Sam “Oh it’s excellent. It’s so fun. We have Rachel Skarsten and I . . .”

SFP “Rachel Skarsten who plays Alice.” I interject.

SamYes. We have developed such a strong relationship through the process.

SFP “How nice.

SamIt started because I was a late-comer to the series. There were already five episodes that were filmed. So Rachel really took me under her wing and helped me along the way with discussing and trying to figure out what it is that makes this relationship tick. And it brought us into a deeper relationship of collaboration, which I really enjoy.

SFP “Wow, that’s awesome. And you can kind of feel it I think. You guys play really well off of each other.

SamOh yeah awesome. I’m glad you can see that.

SFP “Let me ask, is there a prankster on set?

SamIs there a prankster on set? Everyone is so . . . oh, you know what did happen!? We film at this mental institution where most of our filming actually takes place and it is absolutely haunted. I could go into stories about what’s taken place as we’ve been on set. But one day one of the PA’s (production assistant) got one of our face masks late at night and stuck it out the window, and somebody said to Rachel, “Rachel oh my gosh there’s a person right there!” And there was this flesh mask hanging outside of the window. So yeah I guess James, one of the Production Assistants takes the cake.” 

SFP “So far it’s him. I love it. So you guys film in Vancouver and Chicago right?

SamYes, Vancouver and Chicago.

SFP “When we see Batwoman racing through the streets, is that Vancouver, Chicago, or both!?” 

SamIt’s a little bit of both.

SFP “Because sometimes I’m watching and I scream ‘That’s Chicago. I’ve been to Chicago.” (Laughter)

SamYou could do a full-on game trying to figure out if its Chicago or Vancouver. But they do a pretty good job of blending the two.

SFP “OK well I’ll just have to keep looking. I have a couple of more questions and these are a bit geeky,” Sam chuckles as I continue, “The actor who plays Luke Fox, Camrus Johnson; in the comic books, Luke Fox is actually a hero called Batwing. Are there any rumors of that happening? Is that a possibility?” 

Sam (Sarcastically) “If there was I couldn’t tell you . . .

SFP “Of course. So then . . .” Sam laughing in the background, “in an extended Bat-family way. If there was a bat-dog Luke was taking care of. Likewise, its possible; but we probably can’t talk about it!?

Samwell . . . uh . . . Yes, it is possible.” Sam laughs heartily along with me.

SFP “I love it. Now, this is even geekier.

SamGo for it.

SFP “So when we see Batwoman drive into the underbelly of Wayne Tower and into the bat-hideout so to speak, I’ve premised in the past that this is not the actual Batcave. Now I know I’m getting a little geeky on you, but the real Batcave is under Wayne Manor where Bruce Wayne lives. The hideout used by Batwoman is under Wayne Tower. So I believe and again sorry for getting so geeky, but that is actually not the ‘Batcave’. I believe it’s a ‘Bat-lair’. Can you shed light on that?

SamI . . . uh . . . think that you may be on to something.” Sam again laughs. Almost as if letting out the smallest cat out of the proverbial bat-bag.

SFP “I love it! That’s what I thought. I did a whole article on that.” Sam laughs before continuing.

SamBut I could be wrong. Maybe not, maybe not.” (Laughter)

SFP “Maybe not. I know what you mean. Let me leave off with this, if I may. I love Vesper Fairchild being played by Rachel Maddow. I really like her.

Sam, “Yeah, she’s awesome.

SFP “Yes, she’s awesome! And she recently, I think two episodes ago, mentioned ‘Jack Napier’. And Jack Napier in Tim Burton’s Batman was the Joker. Was that a red herring or could we likely see Jack Napier again?

SamYou’re making it tough for me.” says Sam good naturedly, “You’re asking me questions that I just can’t answer.

SFP “I understand. And I love that answer because I don’t want to get a no, so I like that answer better. You’re not giving anything away but it’s not shot, so I love that as well. I know our time is short so thank you for your time and continued success with the show. I can’t wait to see how your character continues to evolve, even though there were reports of the show losing viewers. My sense is, and please tell me because you’re in the industry; but that’s just a product of a show getting its legs underneath it, and the show is just going to continue to get better and better. I’m right are I not!?

SamWell it’s my understanding the ratings have been really great actually.

SFP “No, they are great. But it went from 1.8 million to 1.6 or something like that. And I’m trying to dispel it.

SamThat’s on the first day’s viewership. When you take in the plus 3 of the following day including streaming, viewership’s been pretty great. But yeah, I think we’re finding our home and I think that this is a specific kind of show with a specific kind of leading lady and it calls for a specific audience that we feel lucky to have now and I can only hope it will get better.

SFP “And I am sure it will. It’s an amazing show and I am loving watching it and love watching your work. Thank you so much for speaking with SciFi Pulse and thanks for your time.

SamWell its been my pleasure and thank you so much. Have a great day.

Sam Littlefield was an absolutely delightful guest to interview and can be seen as the villainous Mouse on CW’s Batwoman series every Sunday night at the same Bat-time, 8:oo pm, along with his fellow co-stars, Ruby Rose (Batwoman), Rachel Skarston (Alice), Camrus Johnson (Luke Fox), Dougray Scott (Col. Jacob Kane), Rachel Maddow (Vesper Fairchild) and others. Special thanks and photo credits to James DePietro.




Tye Bourdony is the co-owner of as well as the U.S. based content editor for Sci Fi Pulse. Tye is also a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator, deep space traveler, and the lead interstellar reporter for the Galactic Enquirer. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the staff Family Mediator and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine. You can visit Tye on facebook and at or send your thoughts and story/article ideas to
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