Batman: A Hero For All Ages

Batman is definitely a hero for all ages. We mean that the character is always relevant. However, the other way to read the title of this piece is also...
A hero for all ages

Batman is definitely a hero for all ages. We mean that the character is always relevant. However, the other way to read the title of this piece is also significant. Batman seems to be able to appeal to different age groups. So, in that way he’s also a hero for all ages . . .


Comic Origins

Technically, Batman is very old! It was way back in 1939 that Batman first appeared. Of course, SciFiPulse didn’t exist then, but comic book fans certainly did. Shortly after his introduction, it was clear that the character had a dark side. For example, he was very different to Superman. Nevertheless, the character would remain popular and eventually grow into the icon that we all know so well today.

Nineteen Sixties

Of course, when we think of the swinging sixties, and Batman, we immediately think of Adam Ward. and the live-action Batman TV series. But it’s important to remember that the Batman comics were also hugely popular, too. The character had been at the forefront of the comic world and had been established for over twenty years by then. But largely, Batman was child-friendly during this time, and kids everywhere began to put coats hoods on their heads as capes! It soon became clear Batman was indeed a hero for all ages.

Post Sixties

There were many developments for Batman between the end of the sixties and the start of the new millennium. This is true of both the character in print and on-screen. Comics have always been a niche thing. Now, it’s seen as cool to read them, but even twenty years ago you were seen as geeky (although that’s rubbish — smart people read comics!). Consequently, what’s the true litmus test of a character’s popularity is their onscreen appeal. Many people have never read a comic of any sort, but have seen most or all of the various Batman movies. You know that Batman is super popular because he bounced back from the woeful Batman and Robin (1997).

2000 Onwards

Again, Batman evolved (more specifically, the writers kept him relevant). For an entire generation, Christian Bale simply is Batman, and always will be. It’s just the same as for many, Christopher Reeve is Superman, and always will be. There have been many, many fantastic comic stores of Batman in recent years. But generally, the majority of people will always think of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Dark Knight trilogy as synonymous with the era. It was a complex incarnation of Batman, reflecting the times that they were made in.

Summary of Batman’s Legacy

It’s important to state that there is a lot missing in this feature. Key moments in Batman’s long crime-fighting career haven’t been mentioned. Neither have the animated versions, some of which are fantastic. (including last year’s The Long Halloween) There’s just too much to mention and reference. But what we hope has come across is that Batman has a huge appeal, that has lasted. The reason is as plentiful as they are nuanced. Perhaps the fact he has no powers has played a part, giving the caped crusader his “gothic” psychological aspect. Batman is an intensely versatile character, and an interesting one, making him an ever-popular hero for all ages.



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