Barry Nugent Releasing Three New Stories From ‘Unseen Shadows’ Universe

For those unfamiliar with 'Unseen Shadows'. It is the comic book and audio spin-off from Bary Nugent's best selling Novel 'Fallen Heroes'

My good friend Barry Nugent who is also a fan of science fiction and fantasy has recently  released a further three installments of his ‘Unseen Shadows’ Universe into the comics world via Comixology.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Unseen Shadows’. It is the comic book and audio spin-off from Bary Nugent’s best selling Novel ‘Fallen Heroes’, which featured a great mix of flawed and heroic characters in a world not to dissimilar to the worlds those we have seen in the likes of ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Supernatural’ to name but a few. The book series and the ‘Unseen Shadows’ spin-off is a must read for anyone that has a love of pulp science fiction an fantasy.

The new titles to the comicsverse will be released on 18 May and include:

Unseen Shadows: Historia (By Richmond Clements)

A teacher at an exclusive school for the children of United Nations delegates is found brutally tortured and murdered. The Tactical, Operational Response and Control Headquarters (TORCH) sends in one  of their best agents, Kathryn Monroe,  to investigate.

Kathryn must use all her skills as an investigator as she puts herself in the firing line to uncover the murderer… and their dark secret.

I loved Kathryn’s entire attitude to life. The constant, vague level of disappointment she feels about humanity is something I can appreciate. But she also has a streak of hope in there that we can do better.  And her willingness to do what is right, and not just what the law demands is something a writer can enjoy playing with. – Richmond Clements


Unseen Shadows: The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh (By Cy Dethan)

he Truth makes liars of us all. The Truth will kill you, or get you killed. It’ll steal your marriage and your daughter’s love. The Truth will get you shot and left for dead in the desert…

So when a woman tells you she woke up in a bathtub full of blood and ice with stitches in her belly that she can’t explain, you’ll know it’s the Truth because nothing else smells or feels or hurts that bad – and you’ll fall for it all over again, even though you know you were lucky before and it’ll burn you even worse this time.

This, then, is the story of The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh – and I’m daring you to call me a liar…

Bob Kelsey is an everyman in a world populated with monsters and heroes. To survive in those hunting grounds takes the self-preservation instincts of a feral rat. That is Bob Kelsey to me.Cy Dethan

Unseen Shadows: Band of Butchers (By Dan Thompson)

Clancy Wallencheck is a very bad man – the commander of an elite team that have nothing to live for and a whole lot of people to kill.

From the mountains of Pakistan to the waters of Venice, there have been a thousand corpses in Clancy’s life.

This is the story of the one that mattered.

Clancy crouched beside the man, his gun hovering in front of the man’s terror-filled eyes, his former composure and self assurance a distant memory.
“I’m going to let you live. I want you to run back to whoever pulls your strings and give them a message. You tell them…”
Clancy fired three times into the man’s chest.  “On second thoughts, I’ll tell them myself.” –
Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent

Al of these titles are now available on Comixology and feature a wealth of writing and creative talent from the UK comics industry.

 You can place your order for any or all of these comics right here at comixology.

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