Six Badass Female Video Game Characters

Check out our list of kick-ass Female Video Game Characters

From trailblazers like Chun-Li to new heroines like Aloy, tough females have consistently graced the screens of video gamers. Here’s a look at six of the most badass female game characters of all time.

Lara Croft

Gaming’s most famous badass female character of all time can only be one person: Lara Croft. Since appearing in the first Tomb Raider game in 1996, Lara Croft has appeared in several sequels and spin-offs of the video game, as well as movie, comic book and novel adaptations. Her expeditions in the Tomb Raider games have led her to search for some of the world’s most dangerous artifacts in the most mysterious place on earth. The character of Lara has undergone many changes since her first inception. In the early games, she was simply a hardcore heroine. In the later reboot games, she became a more purposeful and relatable woman. That has made her much more than a one-dimensional badass, and over the years, she has undoubtedly changed how female characters are portrayed in video games.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has become one of the most iconic females in popular culture since appearing in comic books in the early 1940s. The princess of the Amazons has gone on to feature in movies, a TV series, and several video games such as the Justice League games, the LEGO Batman games, and the Injustice games. She has also appeared in the Wonder Woman slot game, which includes Free Spins, Mystery Stacks, and Expanding Wilds. NZ casino players can try Casumo to play the fantastic Wonder Woman slot game to discover for themselves just how badass Wonder Woman still is.



The eponymous heroine of Sega’s action-adventure game Bayonetta is one of gaming’s most fun and badass female characters. The shape-shifting Umbra Witch has a flair for extreme combat and perfectly-timed one-liners. She is also an expert in shooting various firearms and can summon demons to take on her enemies. In the first Bayonetta game, she battles against Paradiso’s angelic hordes as she fights to stop the malicious plans of the evil Balder. Bayonetta may be an over-the-top badass, but sometimes that’s what you need in a hack-and-slash video game character.



The action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn was arguably the best new game of 2017. Aloy, the star of the game, has quickly become Sony’s new posterchild. And it’s no surprise to see why when you consider Aloy’s ability to take on giant robot dinosaurs coupled with her heart-warming personality and fascinating backstory. Aloy is a genetic clone. She was created by the roboticist Dr. Elisabet Sobeck to stop a rogue AI called HADES from activating the Faro Plague to wipe out civilization. Gamers the world over are now eagerly waiting for the unstoppable Aloy’s return in a Horizon New Dawn sequel, although the game has not yet been officially announced.



The Halo video game series has become one of the most popular series of all time, so the heroine of the game most certainly deserves a place on this list. The Halo games revolve around an interstellar war between humanity and an alliance of aliens called the Covenant. During gameplay, the artificially intelligent holographic Cortana provides tactical information and backstory to the player. Her flexibility and tactical skills have helped Cortana to become one of the most popular video game females of all time. She has even now become the voice of Microsoft’s virtual voice assistant.



Without a doubt, Chun Li was the primary trailblazer for badass female characters in video games. The Chinese fighter made her debut in the classic game Street Fighter II in 1991, as an Interpol officer and expert martial artist seeking revenge for the death of her father. Since her first appearance, Chun-Li has become a mainstay of the Street Fighter franchise, which includes two movies and multiple comic book and anime adaptations, as well as subsequent Street Fighter installments and spin-offs. Her athleticism, in-game playability, and sheer fighting ability have ensured Chun-Li will always be one of the most memorable female video game characters of all time. But she will perhaps be most remembered for her “lightning legs” special move, where she unleashes a flurry of hard-hitting kicks at her opponent.

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