Author Leonardo Ramirez to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign to Benefit Young Readers and Families

‘Buy a book, feed a family” campaign to launch in 2017

‘Buy a book, feed a family” campaign to launch in 2017

FEBRUARY 27, 2017 – Author Leonardo Ramirez has announced that he will be launching a brand new crowdfunding campaign that will benefit both young readers and families.

The “Buy a book, feed a family” campaign will launch in March 2017 and will offer backers the ability to support a cause that will offer multi-faceted benefits.

Leonardo’s newest book, The Orb of Terra, will be available via the crowdfunding campaign. The book offers thought-provoking concepts and memorable characters that tell a deep story about a character whose father left him at an early age.

According to Leonardo, the book will provide hope and inspiration to children everywhere, and a portion of money raised will be donated to local food pantry to help feed families.

Details can be found at

About Leonardo Ramirez

Leonardo Ramirez is an author, husband, father, and 4th Degree Black Belt instructor.


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