Aunt May ‘Amazing Spider-man’ Spin-off In The Works?

Holy cow is Spidy's Aunt May going to have her own movie?

Holy cow is Spidy’s Aunt May going to have her own movie?

According to a report found in the Latino Review there is the possibility that Sony Picture are working on a spin-off movie from their ‘Amazing Spider-man’ movies, which would feature Peter Parkers Aunt May.

Aunt May is of course played by Sally Field in the the films and has to be the youngest looking actress to play Spidy’s Aunt on either the small or big screen.

According to reports the studio is developing an ‘espionage’ story about May Parker in her youth.

In recent months Sony has been promising a superhero movie, which many assumed would be either Spider-Woman or Black Cat.

Sally Field portrayed Aunt May in Marc Webb’s two most recent Spider-Man films, which have developed the mystery surrounding Peter Parker’s youth and the death of his parents.

Marvel Comics recently reprinted Mark Millar, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson’s infamous 2003 miniseries Trouble, which centred around the young May Parker and revealed that she was really Spider-Man’s biological mother.

Given that I am not really a massive fan of the Marc Webb films. I can’t really say that I have an opinion on this either way, but would be interested to hear what fans have to say. So please feel free to comment whether you are for or against.

The next film in the Sony series will be Sinister Six, which is scheduled for release on November 11, 2016.

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