Atwell says it is time for a female Dr. Who!

The Agent Carter star also indicated that she would love to play the part of The Doctor if the role was offered to her.

At the recent MegaCon 2016 in Orlando, Fl Haley Atwell who played Peggy Carter in the recently cancelled Agent Carter, appeared at a Q & A panel hosted and moderated by Marc B. Lee and was asked  if she would consider accepting a role in the BBC’s ongoing and quite popular Doctor Who series and if so, what role would she like to play and what it would take to make it happen. While the audience initially reacted with a cheery round of applause at the question itself, they roared with cheers and applause at her almost immediate response, “The Doctor of course!”

As the audience continue to clap, laugh and cheer, she very confidently yet playfully said while looking around with a smile on her face, “I’m nobody’s companion.” Then looking back at the fan who asked the question continued by saying, “It would take the writers and directors saying, ‘Yeah that makes send.’ and giving me the role,” as she titled her head facetiously before continuing to say, “Which seems quite unlikely.” To which the crowd again laughed heartily.

But then becoming quite serious Atwell smiled and said, “I’d love to. I’d love to play the Doctor.” And between sporadic ‘Yays‘ from the audience, Atwell continued saying, “I definitely think they’re ready for a female Doctor for sure.” To which the crowd again clapped and cheered in approval of what seems to be a growing sentiment in popular culture along with fandom generally.

So to the powers that be, let it be known that not only is Haley Atwell more than willing, able and indeed ready to play The Doctor, but the fans in attendance that day seemed entirely enthusiastic and open to not only seeing a woman play the good time traveling Doctor, but specifically loved the idea of Haley Atwell being the next Doctor Who.

Haley Atwell photo provided by MegaCon.

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    10 June 2016 at 1:28 am -

    I’m not against a female Doctor. I’m against the gender-flipping altogether, even if Time Lords can do that. I don’t want a male Romana (Roman) either. I’m of the school that says writers should write original characters and stories, not retool existing characters and stories. For the record, I’m also against reboots and retcons in general. The fact that the Doctor regenerates in and of itself, is as much of a reboot/retcon as I care for.

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