Atwell 100% for Agent Carter 3rd season

Haley Atwell and Bradley Cooper both open to doing third season of Agent Carter!

This past MegaCon  2016 had Agent Carter’s very own Haley Atwell as a guest who sat down with Marc B. Lee to talk about her career and Peggy Carter with MegaCon’s enthusiastic convention attendees. What was most impressive about the beautiful and talented Atwell was her passion for Peggy Carter along with her affinity for everyone she had been privileged to work with on the show.

Much like her alter ego Agent Carter, Atwell is a strong independent women whose confidence showed in her answers and charm, making it easy to see how the actress was able to bring Agent Carter to life the way she did. Interestingly when Atwell was asked by a fan whether she would be willing to do a third season of Agent Carter with another network like Netflix or Amazon she said, “Yeah, 100% percent!” which caused the crowd to erupt in cheers and applause, clearly seeming to want another season.

As the applause died down Atwell continued sounding very genuine and sincere by saying, “I love Peggy and I love the people who were working on this project together. The fans are incredibly warm and welcoming and and it would be an absolute privilege and an honor to bring her back for the fans.

Clearly happy with this answer, Atwell’s fans began to clap again before Marc asks how Atwell would be able to accommodate shooting a third season of Agent Carter being that she was now working on her new show ‘Conviction’. To the delight of the audience Atwell says, “I would shoot it on the weekends. I’d take some of that blue serum stuff and say let’s do these both!” to which the audience responded with both laughter and applause.

Then in her cheerful manner Atwell explained that if there were enough of a demand from the on-line petition for a third Agent Carter season, another channel could pick up the show, ending her thoughts by saying, “I’m open to it!

Interestingly SciFiPulse recently reported on Dominic Copper (Howard Stark) speaking at the London Comic Con where he was also asked about a possible Agent Carter third season to which he responded that he would be,   “. . . well up for doing more Howard Stark” as long as there’s “more story to tell.

Cooper who is currently starring in AMC’s new Preacher series indicated that the fans wanting the return of Peggy Carter for a third season meant a huge amount to Atwell and James D’Arcy (Jarvis). The actor also went on to say, “I’m sure there’s people talking about it now. What’s wonderful about Amazon and other streaming sites, whereas that might have been the end of the road completely, now there’s hope that it might not be.

Atwell also told that the fans that they had definitely not seen the last of Peggy carter, which was very well received with a round of cheers and applause. The Agent Carter star even let it be known that she would love her own movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thanks to MegaCon for Haley Atwell image.





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