‘Atlantis’ Unfairly Cancelled By BBC, Says Series Co-Creator

"[That] was unfair because you're making a judgement before the series is even finished - how are you supposed to know how it will be received by the audience?" he said.

Johnny Capp’s, who co – created ‘Atlantis’ with Howard Overman has said that it was unfair of the BBC to axe the series midway through its second season.

In his most recent interview with the Guardian Newspaper Capp’s spoke out against the BBC’s decision saying that they did not really give the series a fair chance by cancelling midway through the second series.

“[That] was unfair because you’re making a judgement before the series is even finished – how are you supposed to know how it will be received by the audience?” he said.

“In the middle of the episodes shown before Christmas there was a bit of a drop in viewing figures – but it picked up again towards the end.

“When Breaking Bad started, it had its own difficulty with viewing figures. The second series had a dip, but because it then went on to Netflix, the audience grew.

atlantis queen pasiphae“It is considered one of the best shows ever and yet had it been on the BBC – or any of the terrestrial channels – it might have been axed, too.”

Speaking in a separate interview Sarah Parish, who plays Pasithae said that the BBC just didn’t seem to be prepared to gamble on a third season, but she also feels for the fans in regards to the  shows cancellation.

“It’s very sad,” Parish – who plays Pasiphaë in the fantasy adventure – told Metro of the cancellation.

“The programme was cancelled because it was expensive to make and because it didn’t get a huge audience straight away, so I think it was a risk the BBC didn’t want to take.”

She added: “I feel sorry for the fans because we had quite a big following. They were loyal and very upset when they found out the programme had been cancelled.

“It was an exceptionally good format but it was a children’s show really and we were put on at 8.30pm, which is late for kids, plus we were up against ‘The X Factor’.”

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