Astonishing Comic Reader App Review

The app truly provides the crisp reading experience and easy controls that it promises.

Google revolutionized material design by changing the layout of Google Drive and Gmail. Many developers followed their footsteps and started using material design to develop apps having a crisp user interface. What if you want that feature in a comic book reading app. Astonishing Comic Reader comes with a combination of material design and other streamlined features. If you are looking for an app that gives the optimum reading experience while on the go, this app will suit your need. Let’s get to know about this app.

What are the features?

Let’s take a look at the features of this app.

  • First of all, the app’s designers have given a lot of thought regarding the user experience. The app truly provides the crisp reading experience and easy controls that it promises.
  • If you have a comic book downloaded on your device, the app automatically imports the file after scanning your device. Even if you are using the app on the desktop, you can drag and drop the files directly into the app.
  • The app supports both CBR as well as CBZ. However, you can also use it to read PDFs by paying a minimal amount.
  • Page navigation and zoom controls are very simple. You can even customize how you can use those options. For example, you can use your volume keys, gestures or screen swipes to turn pages.
  • The app also has a night mode which cuts the glare and helps in making your reading experience comfortable in low light conditions.

How is the File Management?

Apart from functionalities and user experience, an important feature that makes an ebook reader app unique is how easy it is for the user to find what they want. You wouldn’t want to use an app where it will take hours for you to find the comic book that you want to read.

Astonishing Comic Reader does not focus that much on library management. However, it offers a set of tools which ensures that users don’t have to browse through a huge collection of files. For easy browsing, the app uses thumbnails.

There is also an advanced search feature which allows the user to filter the library that they need. You can also create custom collections and place whatever comics you frequently like to read there.

There is also a snapshot feature which helps you to take a snapshot of a favorite cover or a page and share it with other users.

What is the pricing?

Surprisingly, such a great app is available completely free of cost. You can download Astonishing Comic Reader APK on Android as well as on your desktop web browsers as a plugin. But if you want to use the app to read PDF files, or if you want to sync the library with Dropbox or Google drive, you have to shed an extra price ranging between $0.99 to $1.60. Unfortunately for iOS, the app is not yet available. Developers also have not shared any news regarding whether they are going to develop an iOS version. So for now, iOS users will have to use the app as a browser plugin.

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