Non-Fiction Film Will Explore The Origins Of The Internet Joke Gone Viral, The Attendees And The Local Community and Military Response 

Non-Fiction Film Will Explore The Origins Of The Internet Joke Gone Viral, The Attendees And The Local Community and Military Response 

LOS ANGELES – August 2019 – Los Angeles based filmmaker Ashley M. Ryan and Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Noam Dromi have entered into a partnership to produce a feature-length documentary entitled They Can’t Stop Us All. The film will chronicle the viral Storm Area 51 phenomenon launched online in the summer of 2019 with the goal of mobilizing a large group of alien enthusiasts to demand access to the highly classified US Air Force testing facility in Groom Lake, Nevada. Originated by Bakersfield, CA college student Matthew Roberts, over 2 million people have signed up for the event via Facebook and intend to participate in the 3-day companion Alien Stock Festival that has grown out of the internet frenzy.

Writer/producer Ryan first met Dromi as a student in the digital media writing class he teaches at Loyola Marymount University. Upon completion of her Masters Program in Writing and Producing for Television, she was a recipient of a development deal with his company Legion of Creatives.

They Can’t Stop Us All will focus primarily on Roberts and his efforts to bring thousands of people to the town of Rachel, Nevada, which boasts a population of 54 residents. Fending off suggestions that he’s planning what could be the next Fyre Festival, the film will explore the stories of a number of the event’s confirmed participants as well as the impact it will have on the townspeople in Rachel.

In mounting the production, the producers are focused on finding the personal stories of true believers traveling to the event in hopes of uncovering what drives the American obsession with the secretive military base known as Area 51, a staple of popular culture and conspiracy theories for decades.

“The mythology surrounding Area 51 addresses a number of complex themes around our belief in conspiracy theories and the government’s role in propagating these narratives through their repeated denials,” said producer Ryan. “My partners and I are particularly interested in the ramifications of a large group of people approaching the facility and demanding access.”

The production team includes up-and-coming filmmakers and industry veterans who will bring the event and its most enthusiastic participants to life.

Dromi, most recently nominated for his second Emmy as Executive Producer of The Walking Dead companion digital series “The Red Machete,” came on board specifically because of Ryan’s expansive vision for the project. “Through her work in my class and as we were developing several of her projects together, I’ve seen Ashley’s impressive filmmaking and storytelling chops firsthand. Her commitment to telling the stories of the Storm Area 51 event authentically and compassionately without mocking the participants was an added incentive to get involved. This documentary is shaping up to be an amazing and multi-layered project, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

“I’m excited for this opportunity to work with Noam and his team again to bring this documentary to a global audience,” said Ryan, whose award-winning script about the relationship between iconic actress Jayne Mansfield and Church of Satan founder Anton LeVay is in active development. “The project will feature the unique and personal stories of the creators and participants of this viral event while bringing in the perspectives of a diverse team of collaborators who will take the project to a whole new level. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see some aliens.”

The filmmaking team behind They Can’t Stop Us All is financing the documentary in addition to a crowdfunding campaign. To learn more visit

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  • A.G. Martinez
    18 August 2019 at 1:58 pm -

    Bring guns and shoot back. Any show up and you know the military is going to escalate it, so best be prepared. Theyre more likely to shoot if they know they won’t get return fire — they aint totally bulletproof! We have more guns and ammo than any single instance of the military. Countries don’t invade the U.S. because we have an armed citizenry that outnumbers our own military!!

    1,000 people doing it is idiotic. 100,000 people doing it is real fuckin progress. Raid it, trash it, burn it, go underground, shoot back!! The brits ran into a similar problem with Americans. 75% of your tax money is secretly for the military, and the aliens AND the governments are withholding technology to maintain their own power.

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