Arthur Darvill Teases ‘Doctor Who’s’ Final Few Episodes

Late last week SciFiPulse got to take part in a phone conference with Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill who teased us all with insights about what remains of the second...


Late last week SciFiPulse got to take part in a phone conference with Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill who teased us all with insights about what remains of the second half of the sixth series of Doctor Who in which his character of Rory has really grown.

One of the first questions to come up was whether or not Arthur could see an episode in which Rory and Amy got to meet some of the Doctors past companions from prior incarnations of the series. This was a question that Arthur seemed to struggle with, but he did come up with a somewhat fun concept for what this episode could potentially be.

Arthur Darvill: No, I mean Steven is very good at – could keeping it really quite separate but I wouldn’t put it past him to put us all together. I mean maybe it would be some kind of strange self-help group to get over Time Travel and everything that happens when you’re with the Doctor – yes maybe that would be a good episode, just all of the past companions in therapy.

When it came to addressing how Rory had grown over the course of the series Arthur had quite a bit to share.

Arthur Darvill: Yes well I think he’s, you know, this wasn’t anything that he really expected. It just happened in his life and I think when he started traveling with the Doctor he didn’t think he’d be there very long.

And, you know, so much of what he’s about has to do with making sure everyone’s safe and just for a while he wanted to get back home and get married and not kind of travel in the Tardis for the rest of his life.

But now I don’t know because – I think because Amy’s got such a bond with the Doctor.

He’s completely in this world and he’s had to kind of prove himself and man up a bit so many times now. I think that has really affected him, you know, kind of waiting for 2000 years, you know, obviously having strange Alex Kingston shaped child.

It’s completely changed him I think. And, you know, whether it’s actual to worse it’s made him more assertive and more, slightly more heroic I would say.

But also I think he has matured a lot and it’s proved to him that, you know, even though all of these incredible things have happened and these horrible things have happened that his relationship with Amy is still the strongest thing in the world.

And that is very real and very, you know, and very good. And he’s still completely wildly in love with her.

When it came to talking about the rest of the season, which will close out in a few weeks from now Darvill was particularly excited about it and refereed to it as the stronger half of the season. He also teased a little about tonight’s episode, which is titled The God Complex.

Arthur Darvill: I think this half of the season is the strongest stuff that we’ve done. Me, Matt and Karen all got – given all the emphasis from this half of the season a few months ago and we went around from that flat and just watched them all back to back.

And it’s, you know, they’re brilliant. They’re all so different and so much – each one is like a different movie and, you know, the way that they are directed and the way that they are written is just great.

So after this episode there’s it’s called, The God Complex which is kind of set in this creepy hotel where this, you know, a minotaur and kind of lost.

And each room is kind of a different freaky thing. If anyone’s kind of scared of clowns or ventriloquists I mean it’s definitely want to hide behind the sofa.

And David Williams he is brilliant and it’s kind of like almost like The Shining or something. It’s great. And then James Corden’s in one of the episodes which is coming up and that’s got some Cybermen in it as well which is quite exciting.??And then the finale just blew my mind. And I can’t say too much about it but it was – it’s about as epic as Doctor Who has ever got.

And it answers some more questions which I think everyone’s dying to hear the answers to.

Doctor Who airs every Saturday on both BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the USA. Check out The God Complex, which will air tonight at 7:10PM on BBC One.

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