Art Imitates Life As Real-Life Divorcees Play Same Role In New ‘Terrahawks’ Audio Series

Nicholas plays Nickel-plate Starsons, the evil android game show host of Sale of the Galaxy (a parody of Sale of the Century)

Art imitates life in the new audio series of Terrahawks, Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr’s 1983 cult TV series, as national treasure Nicholas Parsons comes out of retirement for a guest appearance with his ex-wife, Denise Bryer (famous for her role as Zelda, Queen of the planet Guk).

Jamie Anderson, Nicholas Parsons, Denise Bryer and Richard James

Jamie Anderson, Nicholas Parsons, Denise Bryer and Richard James

Nicholas plays Nickel-plate Starsons, the evil android game show host of Sale of the Galaxy (a parody of Sale of the Century), which features rounds including the Wheel of Misfortune, Out on a Limb, and Just a Minute (to Live). Zelda is invited to play his game show, during which we discover that Nickel-plate was an old flame of Zelda’s… her ex-husband in fact!

Nicholas Parsons returns to Anderson Entertainment after a 56-year absence since playing Sheriff Tex Tucker in the puppet Western ‘Four Feather Falls’, in the role of Nickel-plate Starsons – host of intergalactic game show The Sale of the Galaxy.

This will be the first time Denise Bryer, who played several characters in Four Feather Falls, has worked alongside her ex-husband since 1959.

Other stories in the new Terrahawks series will include: The Trouble with Toy Boys, Count Anaconda’s Magnificent Flying Circus, Lights Camera Disaster, and the free-to-download bonus episode Vile, starring Richard James as Jeremy Vile.

Richard James (who played Officer Orrin in Space Precinct) has come back to record Vile, which was adapted from the Terrahawks Live sessions at Andercon in 2015. The series stars Denise Bryer, Jeremy Hitchen, Robbie Stevens and Beth Chalmers, and is produced and directed by Jamie Anderson. Writers this season include Chris Dale, Stephen La Riviere, Andrew T Smith, Terry Adlam and David Hirsch.

These eight brand new episodes are a co-production between Anderson Entertainment, creators of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett, Stingray, Supercar, Fireball XL5, UFO, Space: 1999, Joe 90 and many more, with production company and publisher Big Finish Productions Ltd, best known for their audio adaptations of cult hits like Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, The Prisoner and The Avengers.

As Jamie Anderson, Gerry’s son and Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment says, “39 episodes were originally produced of this hit TV series which had over 9 million viewers each week, with development of another series underway when production ceased in 1984. The release of a box set of the new Terrahawks audio series on 3 April has done so well, and has generated so much excitement, that we’ve been commissioned to produce a second series.”

Nicholas Briggs, Executive Producer of Big Finish Productions, added: “I’m a huge fan of Gerry Anderson’s great TV shows and have always wanted to make a series based on the great man’s work. We’ve really enjoyed working with Jamie Anderson and the original cast to produce the new Terrahawks series launched earlier this year, which has produced a fantastic response from Anderson fans around the world. Terrahawks is a glorious slice of authentic Anderson, packed with larger-than-life characters, exciting stories and great, futuristic technology and we intend to make the next series even better than the current one!”

A limited number of Terrahawks Volume One, including free PDFs of genuine, historical promotional artwork and literature from the original TV series, are still available from the Big Finish website:

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