‘Arrow’ Villain The Clock King to Taunt ‘The Flash’

CW's newest superhero series 'The Flash' is all set to enjoy its first crossover event.

CW’s newest superhero series ‘The Flash’ is all set to enjoy its first crossover event.

The Clock King who has proved to be a royal pain in the butt for Arrow is going to be dishing out his brand of villainy in a timely fashion in Barry Allen’s home city. Once again Clock King will be played by Robert Knepper, who has proved to be fantastic at playing bad guys. This will mark the first time that a villain from ‘Arrow’ has crossed over into the home city of The Flash, which is known as Starling City, which is better known as Star City in the comics. Clock King will appear in episode 7 of the new series.

According to the original report at TV Line Clock King will be working alongside another villain, which means its likely to be double trouble for The Flash, who is still getting used to his ability to run and do stuff at faster than light speeds.

clock King

“We wanted to give Barry a real challenge… TWO bad guys!” says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, adding that Barry will be “fighting both a new enemy and one of our scariest and most successful Arrow villains in The Clock King.”

At present there is no word on who this other villain will be, but I’m sure there is going to be much speculation among fans as the series draws nearer. We already suspect that Gorilla Grodd will be in an episode at some point given that there was an easter egg concerning him in the pilot episode, which was leaked out about a month or two back.

If you have any theories about what villains will appear in ‘The Flash’ feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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