Could A Animated Series For ‘Firefly’ Be Possible

Fan Made Animation Gets 'Firefly' Fan Base Excited!

Since it was abruptly cancelled back in 2003. Fans have been longing to see a continuation of Joss Whedon’s western science fiction series ‘Firefly’.

In the intervening years we got ‘Serenity’ back in 2005 and the fanbase has survived on fan fiction and a few comic book iterations that helped continue the series. But could there be a case made for an animated series?

One fan. Who also happens to be a real talented animator has created a short teaser for a new ‘Firefly’ animated series.

While completely unofficial and in no way sanctioned by Fox or Joss Whedon. Many of the shows fans as well as a fair few media websites feel that this makes a strong case for a ‘Firefly’ animated series. A show which could pick up at any point prior to ‘Serenity’ and continue the adventures.

The animator behind the above teaser isĀ Stephen Byrne. Sadly as we said above. It’s entirely unofficial, but does make a very strong case for a franchise that flew to close to the sun.

We here at are mostly fans of ‘Firefly’ and would love to see it return somehow. Even if for just a limited series.

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