Alien Exodus: The Case For A Very Different Star Wars Movie

Not long ago I became aware of Alien Exodus. A Star Wars origin story by Robert J Sawyer that told how humans first came to inhabit a galaxy far far away

Not long ago I became aware of Alien Exodus a Star Wars origin story by Robert J Sawyer that told how humans first came to inhabit a galaxy far, far away. Intended as a book trilogy, Alien Exodus would have told the slave leader Cosmo Hender’s story. As he attempts to free the humans and many other enslaved alien races from the Varlian Empire’s yoke. Having read an overview of the story online. I think an Alien Exodus film would be great because of the messages contained in the source material.

For example, when Cosmo and the slaves learn to read. This is a major key to them overthrowing their oppressors. Also portrayed positively is the idea of unity as strength. Insofar as Cosmo heads a secret council comprised of many different alien species, all of whom have different aptitudes and abilities. Additionally, there is the theme of goodness being rewarded. As a guard whom Cosmo saved from collapsing rubble lets him go during the slaves’ escape.

The difficulty in adapting Alien Exodus lies in it being an origin story of the entire Star Wars universe. Which other media contradicts. I think Disney could possibly downplay this aspect of it and lean more into Alien Exodus being a standalone Star Wars story. Like Solo and The Battle for Endor.


Who could play Cosmo Hender?

Grant Gustin might be a good choice. As Cosmo is implied to be the Skywalkers’ ancestor. Indeed, Gustin has that innocence and guilelessness that both Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen displayed. As Luke and Anakin Skywalker respectively. Moreover, Tye Sheridan has a similar offbeat credulity to his performance that I think would work well for Cosmo Hender. As does Joivan WadeWho I could see making Cosmo an everyman that Star Wars fans could get behind. Mickey Rowe would also be a good choice. His physical acting ability would excellently sell Cosmo’s reaction to levitating for the first time. And Simu Liu could show Cosmo Hender’s grit and leadership skills.


Parallel plotlines

Besides the slaves’ revolution there is also the humanity leaving Earth storyline. Which would be tricky to fit into the same movie. Into the bargain this would canonize Earth as being part of the Star Wars galaxy. Quite a few fans have expressed antipathy towards that idea. Perchance the world fled by the humans could be just another colony world? Or perhaps the Sith’s birthplace? This would raise the stakes and be a compelling storyline. To see glimpses of the original dark side Force users and their culture. Maybe this idea could be explored through a TV series?


Canon or fanfic?

I am in no way demanding that an Alien Exodus film be made. Further, it is certainly not my intention to tread on Robert J Sawyer’s toes. Or to try to make his work into something it was never intended to be. I just think as a Star Wars fan that Alien Exodus is cool and it would be really great to see it as a movie on the big screen. With franchises and brand names dominating cinema. It might be nice to see a fun adventure story that’s not connected to any wider universe. But is just 2 hours of adventure and escapism.

Would you like to see an Alien Exodus movie? What non-canonical Star Wars stories would you like to see made? Please leave a comment and remember, the Republic stands for something, it’s stood for something for 15,000 years. And if it falls, everything will change forever.


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