Actors We Think Could Play The Lead Roles In A Live Action Gargoyles TV Series

A couple of days ago. News broke that Gary Dauberman and James Wan’s Atomic Monster banner, known for their collaborations on the hit Annabelle horror movies, are teaming up to remake...

A couple of days ago. News broke that Gary Dauberman and James Wan’s Atomic Monster banner, known for their collaborations on the hit Annabelle horror movies, are teaming up to remake the 1990s Gargoyles Animated series as a live-action TV show. This project is being developed for Disney Plus and will likely make the hearts of 90s kids sing with joy if Disney is able to get it right.

As readers and fans will know. Gargoyles featured the voice talents of numerous cast members from Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as much-loved actors like Keith David who at that point was known for his roles in The Thing and John Carpenters They Live! With this in mind. We at SciFiPulse thought that it might be a little fun to speculate on who Disney could potentially cast in some of the show’s key roles.  So for a bit of fun here are our picks as well as mentions to the brilliant actors that originated the roles in the animated show.


Goliath (voiced by Keith David in the animated series):

  • Idris Elba: With his deep, commanding voice and strong presence, Idris Elba would be an excellent choice to portray the wise and noble Goliath.

Elisa Maza (voiced by Salli Richardson-Whitfield):

  • Gina Torres: Gina Torres has the right combination of strength and charisma to portray the determined and resourceful NYPD detective Elisa Maza.

Hudson (voiced by The late Ed Asner):

  • Brian Cox: A seasoned actor like Brian Cox could bring the gravitas and wisdom necessary for the role of the elder gargoyle Hudson.

Brooklyn (voiced by Jeff Bennett):

  • Taron Egerton: Taron Egerton’s energy and charisma could make him a great fit for the adventurous and impulsive Brooklyn.

Broadway (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke):

  • Josh Gad: Josh Gad’s talent for humor and endearing characters could make him a good choice for the lovable and food-loving Broadway.

Lexington (voiced by Thom Adcox-Hernandez):

  • Tom Holland: Tom Holland’s youthful appearance and voice would make him a suitable choice for the tech-savvy and intelligent Lexington.

Demona (voiced by Marina Sirtis):

  • Eva Green: Eva Green could bring the necessary intensity and complexity to the role of Demona, a character with a tragic past and vengeful nature.

Xanatos (voiced by Jonathan Frakes):

  • Michael Fassbender: Michael Fassbender’s charisma and ability to play morally ambiguous characters could make him a compelling Xanatos.

Owen Burnett (voiced by Jeff Bennett):

  • Mark Strong: Mark Strong’s commanding presence and acting skills would suit the role of the enigmatic and resourceful Owen Burnett.

Macbeth (voiced by John Rhys-Davies):

  • Clive Owen: Clive Owen’s versatility as an actor could make him a strong choice for the role of the immortal and complex character, Macbeth.


These are just a few casting suggestions, and there are many brilliant actors who could bring these fantastic “Gargoyles” characters to life. Ultimately, the casting decisions would depend on Disney’s creative vision and the availability of actors at the time of production.

Feel free to leave your picks for these roles in the comments.


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