Accent Comics Launches New Kickstarter for the Further Adventures of Kia Wordsmith

Kickstarter Launches For Kia Wordsmith: The Inbetween

Comics creator Dave West from Accent Comics has just launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for a new Kia Wordsmith adventure. This new adventure is called Kia Wordsmith: The Inbetween. So, what’s it all about? Simply put. This new story follows what happened to Kia Wordsmith in the time set between the first and second issues.

In the first two issues. Kia ventured out of her homeland where she sought out danger and excitement, which led to her stealing from a wizard. Then later escaping from the wizard’s tower by following a strange little creature into a different realm. Issue 2, which was set the day after her escape from the Wizard. Saw Kia trying to carry on as normal. Indeed the creativity behind this great character knows no bounds.



Notably, this third book in Kia Wordsmith’s adventures is jumping back in time to events that happened between the previous two books. In this new story, Kia journeys to the In-Between. A Nexus where all realms connect. Indeed, this is a place where time and space operate in a very different way to what we are used to. This is a place where if you are not careful. You can see glimpses of your past, present, and future.

Owing to this. Many who journey to this place. Do so in order to seek power. Of Course, Kia is completely oblivious to this fact.

This latest Kia Wordsmith title from Accent Comics is 24 pages and will be illustrated by regular artist Ian Ashcroft. The comic will also include the 8-page comic strip Jigsaw Girl by Marleen Lowe, referenced in Ian’s pages.

Kickstarter Incentives

As always there are certain incentives for those that choose to back this project.

One of these is ‘The Pencils of The Inbetween’ which is a 20-page sketchbook showing some of Ian’s penciled pages from this issue. This will be available in certain reward tiers, along with signed and sketched options.

You can check out what the other rewards are on the Kickstarter page, which Accent Comics has set up for this latest title.

If you haven’t checked the previous two books out. I highly recommend that you do.

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