Accent Comics Launches Kickstarter for WesterNoir Graphic Novel

Dave West and Accent Comics have set up a fresh new Kickstarter Campaign for a Trade Paperback of their much loved comic book series WesterNoir

Dave West and Accent Comics have set up a fresh new Kickstarter Campaign for a Trade Paperback of their much loved comic book series WesterNoir, which features the adventures of the bounty hunter Josiah Black.

Dreamed up by Dave West and Gary Crutchley. The latter of whom also did the artwork. The collection will include the first four issues of the comic with a few bonus stories, which will all be coloured for the first time by 2000AD Colourist Matt Soffe. The book will come in at a whopping 196 pages.

When interviewed by SciFiPulse earlier this year. Dave West said the following about WesterNoir: “Gary Crutchley (co-writer, co-creator, and artist on WesterNoir) and I grew up in different parts of the country but both remember watching countless western movies on TV. In fact, it felt like every other movie was a western. When I was asked to write a Western Detective story for my collaborator on The Wolfmen comics (Andy Bloor) I went back to that source. When Gary Crutchley took over art and committed to a much bigger story we took it deeper. I’ve always liked my central characters to be a little flawed. They need to have a back story. They need to grow. Josiah Black is that drifter, he’s done things no hero would do. He goes on to do things that even he has trouble with, but hopefully, the reader can see that he’s trying to make amends. Even if the journey to doing so is long and twisted.”

WesterNoir has been described as ‘They Live’ Meets ‘Deadwood’ and more than lives up to that description and more. Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be able to read the comics and was enthralled by a story that presents you with some twist and turns that you will not be expecting.

You can check out the Kickstarter Campaign for WesterNoir here, which presents you with a number of different options and incentives for backing the book.

Be careful out there. After all, it is now proven that monsters are real.



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