A Call To Arms To Help Save ‘Dark Matter’

For the last couple of weeks. Series creator Joseph Mallozzi has been working alongside fans to band together in a huge effort to same the series. 

As fans will know. Syfy chose to renew Killjoys for two seasons but decided to cut Dark Matter from their schedule.

Understandably fans were very upset. Especially given that the series closed out on a massive cliffhanger, which saw several giant cruisers coming through from the shows parallel universe with the intent to do much harm.

Lots of plot threads still needed resolving as alliances with the Raza crew were in a state of flux.

Much like the fans. We at scifipulse.net are also upset about the show getting cut from Syfy, which is why we have made this post.

It is our hope that some of our readers might join the effort in giving Dark Matter a shot at being picked up elsewhere.

For the last couple of weeks. Series creator Joseph Mallozzi has been working alongside fans to band together in a huge effort to same the series.

Over the last few weeks. There have been several twitter events held to help in the mission to try and get the series picked up by Netflix.

Two big events will happen tonight in order to create more buzz for the show and Dark Matter needs you to participate.

Firstly a live AMA is being held at 7 pm EDT, which will include Joseph Mallozzi, Two – Melissa O’Neil, Three – Anthony Lemke, Four – Alex Mallari Jr., Five – Jodelle Ferland, and The Android – Zoie Palmer.

You can learn more about the AMA here.

Also happening is another Tweetstorm, which will begin at 9 pm EDT. Mallozzi says that the secret hashtag will be announced @DarkMatterFTL and encourages all fans of the series to take part.

Help us Dark Matter fans, you’re only hope!

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  • Fedaygin
    15 September 2017 at 11:07 pm -

    Hope that Negotiatons go well & good new Home be found today <3 Netflix not always the best Option & atm. there r few interested Parties on giving new Home for Beauty Dark Matter / Talented Raza Crew.. 🙂 Nervous & kinda scared more & more by the hour cause not long when know how negotiations went.. *Pls Sci-Fi Spirits give us at least 2x Seasons with 10-13 eps. per season.. Then Quality not to suffer after amazing 3x Seasons no mater the Budget* 🙂 Everyone Remember to use Hashtags on Twitter like: (@)AMC, (@)Hbo, (@)Starz & ones u think that could be good Home for beauty DM. Of course without ( ) & when page selection list opens then choose right Twitter account for that network.

    Requires several Tweets when send to many Network's unless use TweetLonger, but that's not good. I be using all those even we don't know what are those Three parties that are interested in Saving Dark Matter. Then for the Twitter Storm Launch check the Right HashTag to add from twitter page owned by DarkMatterFTL 🙂

    On Reddit Q&A "44mins to go" remember to ask for Dark Matter Merchandise to be launched so we Dedicated Fans can help with the Budget 🙂 Of course them to have Core Funding, but we Push it forward with Merch Purchases <3 I would love to buy shirt or 2. Shirt to have Cast images & maybe with signatures & then Raza and Alien ship on background 🙂 #TeamRaza #DarkMatter #SciFi #Home
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkMatter/comments/6zx6a9/psa_joseph_mallozzi_and_several_cast_members_will/?sort=new

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