5 Things We’d Like To See In The Community Movie

Last week fans found out that a "Community" movie has been greenlit by the streaming service Peacock
Community movie

Last week fans found out that a Community movie has been greenlit by the streaming service Peacock. Community was one of the coolest and weirdest shows of the previous decade. Following the misadventures of seven different students at Greendale Community College in Colorado. Featuring a brilliant ensemble cast as well as sharp and offbeat humour with a warm-hearted emotional core. Everyone loves Community. The season 6 finale saw Jeff Winger (Joel McHalemake peace with the study group members splintering off to live their own lives. Additionally accepting his newfound teaching role at Greendale. The question is what will the Community movie’s storyline be? And how will they get the characters back together? Here are 5 things we’d like to see in the Community movie.


Jeff leaving Greendale for good

You’d think that nothing would be able to top the season 6 finale when Jeff tells the study group “You saved my life. And changed it.” Perhaps what could happen is for Jeff to receive a job offer (maybe from City College) that he needs to take for whatever reason. Forcing him to move beyond the safety that Greendale represents for him. This could be the perfect way to wrap up Community and Jeff’s arc. Possibly the movie could be a “greatest hits” compilation featuring DND, pillows and blankets, Inspector Spacetime and the other timelines. We could see Jeff Winger and his friends save Greendale one last time before leaving it forever.


Troy and Abed reunited

Troy (Donald Gloverand Abed (Danny Pudiwere a highlight of what was already an incredible show. Many autistic fans have praised Community for Abed’s portrayal. Also praising Troy and Abed’s friendship as an example of when an autistic person finds that one special friend that just gets us. You really felt for Abed when he watched Troy leave with Levar Burton in season 5’s Geothermal Escapism. Which is why a Troy and Abed reunion could be just so awesome. While I’m aware that Donald Glover hasn’t been officially announced as returning for the movie surely he could do a cameo or a flashback scene. Maybe Abed goes into the Dreamatorium and talks to his memories of Troy before Troy left? Which could give Abed the advice and encouragement he needs.


The Darkest Timeline’s study group

In the season 3 episode Remedial Chaos Theory we were introduced to several different timelines. Exploring how the characters’ relationships with each other could change. In the Darkest Timeline Troy and Abed’s apartment burns down, Jeff loses an arm, Pierce dies, Annie (Alison Brie) relapses into mental distress, Shirley (Yvette Nicole-Brown) becomes an alcoholic, Troy uses an artificial voice box and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) puts one blue streak in her hair. What might be interesting in the Community movie is to explore how these versions of the study group coped with their lives being changed. Maybe Jeff Prime could swap places with Evil Jeff and help the evil study group through their problems. Perhaps Evil Jeff could be the one to give Jeff Prime the push he needs to leave Greendale as I mentioned in the first point?


Pierce is alive in the movie and no one brings up that he died

Although this probably won’t happen due to real life issues between Chevy Chase and Dan HarmonI just think that Pierce still being alive and the study group’s reactions to him would be funny. Maybe Abed is the only one who is aware that Pierce “died” and points this out to the group. Only for them to dismiss him. Perhaps Pierce exists only in Jeff’s mind as a kind of guide of what not to do and say? While Pierce and his actor were certainly controversial during their time on the show. This reviewer believes that Hawthorne Wipes’ heir is a comedy goldmine and should at least be referenced in the Community movie even if it’s only the other characters saying they dislike him.


One final DND game

Community season 6 had the Greendale Seven play one last paintball game. I think the movie should contain one last DND game. Possibly the Community movie is a live action fantasy film of the study group’s DND campaign? Interspersed with stop motion animation of the study group themselves arguing over the rules. It could be that Jeff Prime plays DND with the Darkest Timeline’s study group to help them like the prime group helped Neil (Charley Koontz) in season 2’s Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Or that Pierce has returned for one final DND game with the group. Which he DMs with hilarious results.


What would you like to see in the Community movie? Do you agree with my suggestions? Leave a comment below and remember; when you really know who you are and what you like about yourself, changing for others isn’t such a big deal.


Many thanks to my friend and colleague Nicholas Yanes for suggesting the Jeff leaving Greendale idea.

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