5 Things We Want From The New Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic RPG

Last week the news dropped that Aspyr are remaking the classic Star Wars RPG. Knights of the Old Republic. A game beloved by countless fans around the world

Last week the news dropped that Aspyr is remaking the classic Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic for PS5 & PC. A game beloved by countless fans around the world. As well as this writer. So how could Lucasfilm improve on 2003’s Game of the Year? Given the technological advances of the last 2 decades. Read on for my thoughts.


More romance options

Many female fans have cried out for Bastila and Canderous to be romance options for their Revans. Additionally, Juhani is also paired with female Revan quite a bit. Perhaps a romanceable Canderous might open up different side quests for the player character. Which delves deeper into Mandalorian culture. Likewise for Juhani as a Cathar. It’s possible that there could be a side quest to retrieve Mandalore’s helmet in the new KOTOR. Which Revan could present to Canderous, sealing their bond. This would tie into Ordo’s role in KOTOR 2 nicely. There could also be an option for male Revan to romance Carth or Canderous.


A visual kiss between Revan and Bastila

Without veering into NSFW territory. Kissing scenes between Revan and Bastila or Revan and Carth. Are one of the few things the original KOTOR did not provide us with. Possibly because the technology to render them didn’t exist at that point. Countless fan art and fanfiction has rendered Revan kissing Bastila or Carth. Maybe the game’s developers could pull an Empire Strikes Back and depict Revan starting to kiss Bastila. Only for HK-47 to interrupt with a comment about killing meatbags. Revan could then have dialogue options to tell HK to leave him alone or that he couldn’t have picked a worse time to mention this.


An option to save/redeem Darth Malak

After you defeat Darth Malak in the original KOTOR RPG. Your former best friend muses over whether he could have returned to the light side as you did. A number of fan works have presented Malak as the hero. Or as being redeemed by Revan. It could be argued that not being able to redeem Malak lends the game a certain realism. In that Revan is not some magic hero who can fix everything and everyone they come into contact with. Given Alek’s popularity in the fandom, it might be nice if this was at least a possibility though. Additionally, there could also be an option for Carth to appear on the Star Forge at the game’s end. And attempt to turn a dark sided female Revan back to the light.


More player character skins

Although the first KOTOR RPG delivered many different player character models. It might be nice if players had the option to play as a non-binary character of any race. Who could choose whether or not to pursue a romance with Carth, Canderous, Bastila, or Juhani with a dialogue option. That would ignite or shut down that flirtation. Lucasfilm Games could also include the Star Wars films’ characters’ skins as unlockable options. Or possibly even a choice to customise your character’s facial features. Perhaps players could choose a Twi’lek or Chiss head for their character also?


More planets to visit

I’m aware that there was going to have been an option to visit the volcanic planet Sleheyron. In the original KOTOR RPG. This was dropped however. Aspyr might have to walk a fine line between providing lots of different environments and situations for players to find themselves in. And not making the Star Forge quest hellishly long and drawn out. A way round this could be expanding KOTOR’s existing settings. Let’s meet Exar Kun’s ghost in the tombs on Korriban. Only for him to give a dark-sided player a Hannibal Lecture on how they are not so different from him, perhaps.


What would you like to see in the KOTOR remake? Do you agree with my suggestions? Please leave a comment and remember; hero or villain, saviour or conqueror, you alone will decide the fate of the galaxy!


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