5 Star Wars EU Villains We’d Like To See In Live Action

Given the absolute wealth of Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff. I thought I'd go through 5 Star Wars villains that I'd like to see in live action. Welcome to the dark side...

As many Star Wars fans are aware. Leslye Headland is now showrunner of The Acolyte. Set in an unexplored time period and focusing on female characters. Notably. Wookieepedia informs us that this series will “focus on the emergence of dark side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.” Given the absolute wealth of Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff. I thought I’d go through 5 Star Wars EU villains that I’d like to see in live action. Welcome to the dark side…


Exar Kun

I’m sure many Star Wars fans would love to see Exar Kun on screen. Originally a Jedi historian. Kun made a deal with the dark side to save his life. Kun took Ulic Qel-Droma as his Sith apprentice. After Marka Ragnos’s spirit anointed them. As the new Sith Lords. It might be interesting if Qel-Droma takes on the role of hero antagonist. Knowing that Kun is evil yet still being swept along in his wake. Benedict Cumberbatch would be a good fit for Exar Kun’s role.


Darth Traya

Darth Traya. Is arguably the greatest and most complex antagonist. In all of Star Wars. I’d say a show focusing on her. Could really delve into both the Sith and Jedi’s flaws. As we mentioned here . Revan could appear in the show. As Kreia’s padawan. Chris Avellone could also return to help write the show. Deconstructing the entire Star Wars universe and the ideas of good and evil in it. I’d say that a Darth Traya show could equal or even surpass The Mandalorian. Bold words I know but I trust the KOTOR creatives. I believe Clare Higgins would play Kreia well.


Ajunta Pall

KOTOR players met Ajunta Pall as a spirit on the planet Korriban. His side quest involved you retrieving his sword. Which was said to be cursed. Having grown up watching Thundercats and He-Man I really dig the idea of magic swords. Perhaps Ajunta Pall’s sword could be sentient? And possess a former Skywalker student, driving them to commit more and more terrible actions. We could see some LOTR style flashbacks of Ajunta Pall forging his sword. Only for the sword to then corrupt him. Could a present day Jedi resist the sword’s corruption and avoid Ajunta Pall’s trap? The answer would be interesting. Jesse Plemons would be a good Ajunta Pall.


Darth Revan

The myth. The legend. The greatest of all time. Revan’s story is inspiring as it is a story of redemption. However. A Darth Revan film or series would be absolutely excellent. Star Wars fans could see an epic, Revenge of the Sith like tale. Of Revan and Alek as best friends who wanted to save the Republic. Only to become vicious, backstabbing Sith. Maybe Disney creatives could even work in some ideas from the scrapped KOTOR 3? And show us a redeemed Revan taking the fight to the True Sith? I’d love to see this happen. Check out our 5 actors to play Revan here.


Darth Sidious

Although we saw Sidious die at Rey’s hands in The Rise of Skywalker. There is massive potential for a prequel series exploring his early life. How was child Palpatine able to avoid detection by the Jedi? Did he have many more apprentices over his life than just Maul, Dooku and Vader? What made him into who he became? There is huge potential for a Death Note style series that charts the would be Emperor’s rise to power. Perhaps this series could even reveal that it was indeed Palpatine and Plagueis who manipulated the midichlorians to conceive Anakin Skywalker? I think Matt Smith would be good as young Palpatine.


What Star Wars EU characters would you like to see in live action? Are you looking forward to The Acolyte? Please leave a comment and remember; honour is a fool’s prize. And glory is of no use to the dead.

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