5 Star Wars EU Characters I Would Like To See In Their Own Films

"Love doesn't lead to the dark side. Passion can lead to rage and fear, and can be controlled, but passion is not the same thing as love." - Jolee Bindo

After reading that Disney is planning to introduce Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger into the live-action Star Wars universe I thought about what other heroes and villains from a galaxy far far away deserve their own film or live-action series. Here is my list:


Gadon Thek

A film or series based around Gadon Thek could channel the spirit of the planned Underworld Star Wars series and show us a rougher, grittier side to the galaxy far far away. For those that don’t know, Gadon is the leader of the Hidden Bek gang in the lower city of Taris, that the player character of KOTOR must work with to rescue Bastila. We could possibly see Gadon as a young man before he joined the Hidden Bek gang, through his complicated relationship with Brejik and the struggles of dealing with an apathetic and hostile planetary government. This could be a way of saying something about real world contemporary issues through the lens of sci-fi, though the writers and actors would have to make sure they kept the balance between political allegory and space adventure.


Jolee Bindo

In KOTOR 1 players can find out that this mysterious, Shepard Book like Force user was once a smuggler who fell in love and trained his wife in the ways of the Jedi only for her to succumb to the dark side. I think a film centring on Jolee Bindo has massive potential, both in terms of representation and the stories that can be told, much like the planned Cassian Andor series. Like Gadon Thek it would be fascinating to see a young Jolee formulate his opinions on love, the light and dark sides of the Force and the fallibility of the Jedi Order. Given that all we know of Jolee’s past is what the character himself tells us in the game, creators would have more or less a blank slate to invent characters and situations for young Jolee to meet and find himself in.


Atton Rand

One of Revan’s elite assassins who abandoned the Sith, an Atton Rand film or series would let us see galactic conflicts and questions of morality from the point of view of an ordinary person. As players of KOTOR 2 know, Atton once served in the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian War and followed Revan down the path of the dark side when the war ended, becoming a specialist in the torture and conversion of Jedi. Atton then left the Sith after a Jedi he was torturing showed him the Force inside his mind. I think it would be intriguing to see a galaxy far far away from the perspective of a run of the mill villain who slowly starts down the path to redemption. Although Atton’s story has a lot in common with Revan’s, Atton is less of a blank slate than the former Sith lord and has the advantage of the fate of the entire galaxy not hinging on his every decision. This creates more potential for original stories in my opinion.


Kreia/Darth Traya

This character’s philosophy of good and evil, and how they came to formulate it, would make an absolutely incredible TV series. Put simply Kreia believes that the dichotomy between light and dark side Force users is what causes the constant wars and schisms in the Star Wars universe, and plots to destroy it. KOTOR 2 players are aware that Kreia was once a Sith Lord though it is never made clear whether or not she trained or corrupted Sion and Nihilus, the other antagonists. Much like a Jolee Bindo series a Kreia TV show could really delve deep into the heart of the Jedi and Sith philosophies and deliver an almost Shakespearian tragedy of how a young woman becomes disillusioned and embittered by the universe she finds herself in.


Darth Bane

While I’m not as familiar with Darth Bane as I am with the others on this list I’m aware that he invented the Sith Rule of Two, which we see the antagonists in the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies adhere to. It would be fun to see how Bane came to formulate the Rule of Two based on Revan’s teachings, which could include a cameo from the popular redeemed Sith Lord themselves. This is the same reason I would like to see a Darth Vader or Revan standalone film because I think we need to see the viewpoints and motivations of evil characters. Films and series that centre on villains take us into their mindset and show us the world from their perspective, which I think makes for potentially brilliant storytelling.


What EU/Old Republic characters would you like to see in live action? Do you agree with my choices? Please leave a comment below and remember, the Force is with you. Always.

I'm a writer on the autistic spectrum who loves sci-fi, cosplay and poetry. I'm also an actor with Theatre of the Senses.
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