5 Spider-Man villains we’d like to see in live action

As anticipation builds for Spider-Man: No Way Home. I thought it might be fun to see what other Spidey villains could make their MCU debut

As anticipation builds for Spider-Man: No Way Home. I thought it might be fun to see what other Spidey villains could make their MCU debut. In future Spider-Man outings. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.


Ripley Ryan (Star)

Although this character is a villain. This reviewer believes her backstory could make her one of the most relatable and human antagonists in the MCU. It’s clear that the writers would have to find some way of empowering Ripley without using the Infinity Stones. However. A film in which Star is the baddie could ask some really important questions about the nature of power in the wrong hands. As well as if people’s paths are set by their early experiences or if they can change. More than anything though. I just want to see this scene in live action. I’d say that Brea St. James would be a good fit for this role.


Olivia Octavius (Doc Ock)

A canon immigrant from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Olivia Octavius has quite a few fans, a lot of which ship her with Peter’s Aunt May. It would be powerful to see Liv and May fall for each other. It would also flesh May’s character out and place her in interesting situations. Ie she cares about Olivia but disagrees with the path she has chosen in life. Maybe the MCU’s Liv could be another student at Peter’s high school? And possibly a romantic rival to MJ for Peter’s affections? This could just be the Parktavius shipper in me speaking. Nevertheless, a female Doc Ock has tons of potential both for respresentation and storytelling. I think Charlotte Ritchie would play this character well.


The Inheritors

Kevin Feige would really be pulling out all the stops if he debuted the Inheritors in live action. Such a film would massively expand the Spider-Verse and make a lot of fans happy. Come on, we all want to see Spider-Punk and Spider-UK on the big screen. Not to mention Spider-Ben. Imagine Tobey Maguire‘s Spider-Man coming face to face with his uncle, who is himself a superhero. This could be an immensely powerful scene, as our web-slinging hero meets once more the man who inspired him to be who he is. And what Ben would think about his nephew. I for one would love to see something like this.


The Queen

Ana Soria AKA The Queen is tailor made for the MCU. She controls an army of insects, she has a pseudo-romantic relationship with Spider-Man and she is the result of a super soldier experiment gone wrong. And she transformed Spider-Man into a giant spider. I’m aware that something like this may be a bit too body horror for the main MCU. I still believe that this character has massive potential as an MCU villain. I can see Allison Williams playing this role to perfection.



This villain boasts an intriguing power set that could challenge our wall crawling wonder. If the writers go with the storyline that Hydro-Man is also interested in MJ to the point of obsession. This could set up an interesting love triangle between Spidey, Morris Bench and MJ. With Hydro-Man attempting to transform Michelle into a water humanoid like himself. They would have to take care that MJ wasn’t portrayed as helpless however. Perhaps Bench utterly trounces Spider-Man only to be talked down from his villainous ways by Michelle Jones. This would put across the empathy that is such a big part of Spider-Man’s world. Hydro-Man and Spidey could even become friends, although the writers would have to make sure this was believable and not schmaltzy. I believe Cameron Monaghan would be good as Hydro-Man.


What Spider-Man villains would you like to see in live action? What do you think of the ones I have listed? Please leave a comment and remember; SPIDER-MAN IS A MENACE!!!


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