5 of the best sci-fi games

Gaming is a pursuit that allows you to escape from the real world and into another fictional dimension, and that’s where science fiction games excel.

There are so many games released every week, and they seem to fall into three broad genres – sports, first-person shooters, and science fiction. While FIFA19 and Call of Duty are our favourite games in the former two categories – the latter is what gets us out of bed on a morning.

Gaming is a pursuit that allows you to escape from the real world and into another fictional dimension, and that’s where science fiction games excel. Sports and shooting games are great for letting off steam or playing with or against friends, but they don’t give you any real storyline, narrative or feeling of escapism.

So with that in mind, buckle up and enjoy our trip down memory lane as we explore five of our favourite science fiction games of all time.


This game was first released to the world in 1997 welcoming gamers to the post-apocalyptic world of Southern California in the year 2161. Since then there have been eight more games in the Fallout series and all of them have been superb.

The series manages to utilise the themes of science fiction and a dystopian future seamlessly and are enthralling to play. The basic premise of the game is a world which endured an alternate history after the end of the Second World War.

In this dystopia, the US split itself into 13 different commonwealths and a dog-eat-dog Cold War ensued. The US and the commonwealth of Europe went head-to-head in all-out nuclear war.

The plot is one that has been explored many times. After all, audiences are traditionally drawn to alternate histories of the Second World War – with shows such as The Man in the High Castle attracting huge viewing figures.

Fallout 76 will be the latest game to be released in the franchise in mid-November, based just 25 years after a nuclear war has devastated the earth. The main protagonist must complete a series of missions in a bid to recolonize the barren wasteland of a post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

The Unholy Slots


10 years ago there would be no chance that an online slot game could make its way into this list – but that was before the popularity of these games started to explode. In the past decade there has been a growing audience for online slot games, which are more engaging and immersive than ever before – not to mention interesting, as they cater for an increasingly wide variety of interests, including science fiction.

Almost by the week, developers are releasing games that rival traditional platforms for gameplay, graphics, and storylines.

One of our favourites is Unholy Slots. Taking place in a gory underworld of ghosts and monsters, it’s kind of a crossover of Resident Evil and American Horror Story. The sound effects add to the element of horror in the game and the graphics provide a realistic experience rarely seen in online slot games.

And of course, there’s huge jackpots to be won, and many ways of winning them – with free spins and bonus picks boosting your chances of adding some cash to the excitement on offer.

Slot machines have been around since Charles Fey invented the first ‘one armed bandit’ in 1887. And people have been trying to cheat them ever since. From foreign coins to magnets, you’ll be amazed to read about some of the extraordinary ways unsavoury players have tried to beat these machines in this article about slot machine cheats.

Far Cry 5


The fifth release in the Far Cry series is a dystopian masterpiece. In this game, the setting is Hope County in Montana, where a cult of personality character Joseph Seed has led his followers to create an independent state based on his own extreme religious views.

The state known as Eden’s Gate is visited by the main character in the opening of the game as you and series of US Marshals arrive to arrest Joseph Seed and take him to face justice. However, things don’t go to plan – and that’s where your character comes in. The aim of the game is to bring about the fall of Eden’s Gate from the inside.

Without giving too much away, the end of the game is shocking and brings about a science fiction element as well as the possibilities of a series of spin-off games. The graphics and gameplay in this latest installment of Far Cry are off the charts in terms of quality and it’s genuinely thrilling to play. That’s why it makes its way into our top five.



Released in 2014, Destiny was a game produced by the minds behind mid noughts hit game Halo. It’s set in a mythical science fiction world and features an open map that allows players to explore and fight in the entire solar system and beyond.

The game begins with your character flying back down to earth to explore a part of Old Russia, which has fallen into the hands of a still to be revealed alien race. As with most games, things don’t go to plan and you’re forced to fight your way off earth before returning to the moon.

From then on your player can continue to play the main story or finish it online with other players. There have been several updates and releases since the original game and the producer’s dedication to implementing new updates and missions keeps hundreds of thousands of gamers playing religiously.


As the pre-cursor to Destiny, Halo was one of the best games ever made. It made its first appearance in 2001 on Xbox and was not just brilliant because it made all of your PlayStation loving friend’s jealous, but because of the story, the gameplay and the graphics.

Again this a game world set in space with a huge amount of classic science fiction elements such as super technology, superior races and of course, aliens. The premise of the plot is that long, long ago there was a war between a race of super beings called The Forerunners and a parasitic entity known as The Flood.

The Forerunners created a war machine that would destroy all sentient life in the Milky Way thus depriving The Flood of anything they needed to survive. This genocide is important to the story as it becomes significant to the future actions of human and aliens.

You skip forward to the 26th century when humanity is trying to colonize space in the face of alien aggression. Your job is as you’d expect to stave off the advances of a violent and vastly superior alien race hell bent on your extermination.

Check out any one of these sci-fi games and you’ll be hooked, because each of them has the power to immerse you in compelling storylines, high-quality graphics and incredibly detailed settings.

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