5 Marvel Villains We’d Like To See In The MCU

The MCU's villains are as iconic as its heroes

The MCU’s villains are as iconic as its heroes. From Loki to Killmonger to Thanos, Kevin Feige and Marvel creatives. Excel at bringing us instantly recognisable evildoers with complex motivations. But what baddies have we yet to see on the big screen? Grab your ebony blade and infinity gauntlet and let’s count down 5 Marvel villians we’d like to see in the MCU.


Mr. Sinister

Nathaniel Essex would be an excellent MCU villain in my estimation. He has the manipulativeness of the best bad guys and the squicky background of being a genetic engineer. Attempting to create a “perfect” race of beings. This character is however an X-Men villain. So MCU writers would first have to debut the Children of the Atom. For Sinister’s big screen debut to make sense. It’s possible however that Essex could be tied into the upcoming Eternals film. As his immortality and powers are the result of Eternals technology in the comics. Maybe Marvel could gender flip this foe and debut her as Miss Sinister? I think Henry Cavill would play this role well.



Another X-Men villain. Sublime is a sentient bacteria whose goal is to perpetuate conflict between humans and mutants. So no species can ever be hardy enough to outlast them. During Grant Morrison‘s New X-Men run, Sublime took the form of a drug named “Kick” which enhanced mutant abilities. Again, this would require the X-Men to exist in the MCU though. Perhaps the on screen Sublime could have infected a disgraced medical professional? Who then radicalised thousands against being vaccinated so that Sublime could roam unchecked? Regrettably this adversary is dependent on mutants being set up and established in the MCU however.



Such a character as Mojo could be a way for Marvel to send up the rise of influencer culture and reality TV. Perhaps Feige’s team could adapt the Ultimate Marvel continuity’s Mojo for the MCU? Positioning him as an M like master manipulator of online discourse that causes public opinion to turn against the Avengers? I think something like this would fit more easily into MCU canon than Mojo being an alien from another world. I’d say that Jack Black would be a good fit to play this character.


Mad Jim Jaspers

Captain Britain’s enemy, Mad Jim Jaspers might be a way for Marvel to say something about the state of the UK in the 2020s (as we mentioned in this article). Perhaps Britain’s entire population has fallen under Jaspers’ influence? And Brian Braddock is the only one who sees/remembers things the way they used to be. Significantly. This could be what causes Merlin to bestow Captain Britain’s mantle on Braddock. As he fights to restore the country to the way it used to be. Jaspers could be depicted as a bombastic showman. Whose charisma. Belies the depths of evil in his heart. My own view is that Robert Knepper would play this character well.


Madelyne Pryor

Jean Grey’s clone created by Mr. Sinister. Pryor, like Sublime and Sinister himself, would require the X-Men to be firmly established in the audience’s mind. It’s possible that Marvel could do a Mutant X series (as we suggested here ). Only for the Goblyn Queen to be the only survivor of the Beyonder’s purge. Escaping to the main MCU continuity and attempting to re-assert herself as ruler of this world. Something like this would really fit in with a future Marvel phase though. It’s still fun to speculate. Sophie Turner would be perfect for this role. Having played Jean Grey in the most recent X-Men films.


What Marvel villains would you like to see in the MCU? What are your thoughts on the ones I have chosen? Please leave a comment and remember; we’re about to make history. End.


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