5 Big Finish Doctor Who villains that should be in the show

Big Finish have produced some truly excellent Doctor Who over the last 20 years. Light years ahead of some of the TV stories

Big Finish has produced some truly excellent Doctor Who over the last 20 years. Light years ahead of some of the TV stories. Debuting Big Finish Doctor Who villains in the televised show. Could provide some fan-pleasing moments as well as shake up the Daleks/Cybermen/the Master formula that is kind of overused. That being said, here are 5 Big Finish Doctor Who villains I’d like to see in the show.


The Dalek Time Controller

This enemy is so much more cunning and sneaky than your average Dalek. Even outwitting the 11th Doctor at one point. I think it would be interesting for new series Doctors to face a version of their greatest enemy. Who mirrors our hero’s own modus operandi: time travel. Possibly we could see alternate versions of Earth twisted by the Dalek Time Controller’s interference. The only problem might be the danger of contradicting Big Finish canon. Additionally, this could be a way of cameoing Paul McGann in a multi Doctor episode. As his 8th Doctor has had the most contact with the Dalek Time Controller.



Although we have seen a kind of vampire in the Matt Smith episode The Vampires of Venice. I believe that Chris Chibnall should bring in the genuine article from Big Finish. Maybe a coven of Great Vampires survived the purge by stealing a TARDIS, and 13 and her fam must deal with them in the present day? Perhaps we could see the return of the Haemovores? I’m aware that there was an aborted plan for the 12th Doctor to be turned into a vampire. Maybe we could see this with Jodie Whittaker‘s incarnation? This might give Whittaker more of a chance to show a wider acting range than she has up to now. As 13 struggles with blood hunger brought on by her vampirism. The contrast between this and the 13th Doctor’s cheerful optimism could be really interesting.


The Eleven

Mark Bonnarthe Eleven’s Big Finish voice actor, has already portrayed a Doctor Who character during Matt Smith’s era. Nevertheless, I’d like to see him play the Eleven in the new series. This character would be a strong opponent for our time travelling hero. It’s entirely possible that the show could work in the idea that the Eleven and the Doctor are not so different from each other. What if the Fugitive Doctor was revealed to be the Eleven? While I’m a fan of Jo Martin as the Doctor that would definitely be a game-changer. As with the Dalek Time Controller, the Eleven’s introduction would shake up the Doctor’s established rogues’ gallery.



Doctor Who’s new series has toyed with the idea of an evil Time Lord in episodes such as The Waters of Mars, Nightmare in Silver and Hell Bent. This concept has never really been given free rein though. A potential storyline might be for the Doctor to prevent the Master or the Daleks from destroying the Earth with an anti-time bomb. By absorbing the energies into themselves in episode 1. We could then see Zagreus, known from Big Finish Doctor Who, take shape in our hero’s mind, taunting and goading them a la the Dream Lord. The Doctor would no longer be the paragon of light we have seen in previous series; they would struggle with the voice in their head urging them to destroy and conquer instead of help those who need it. If done right this could be absolutely amazing.


The Word Lord Nobody No-One

This reviewer would like to see the Doctor go up against the Big Finish villain, the Word Lord Nobody No-One. The Doctor Who team could shock us all and cast David Tennant as the character. As Nobody No-One’s mannerisms are described as being similar to the 10th Doctor’s. This enemy’s powers and abilities would be intriguing to see on screen. It’s possible that the Doctor accidentally releases Nobody from the Land of Fiction. Whereupon he wreaks havoc in the real world. Similar to Zagreus, the Word Lord is a much more cerebral enemy who would require a much more intricate and clever method to defeat them. Maybe the Doctor’s future companion is dyslexic or non-verbal which renders them immune to Nobody? Thus enabling them to defeat him.


What Big Finish Doctor Who characters would you like to see in the new series? Do you agree with the ones I’ve chosen? Please leave a comment below and remember; Zagreus sits inside your head…


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