5 actors who could play the Doctor Who companion

The role of the Doctor Who companion is a vital and underrated one. It's clear that the companion functions as something of a Watson to the Doctor's Holmes

The role of the Doctor Who companion is a vital and underrated one. It’s clear that the companion functions as something of a Watson to the Doctor’s Holmes; who is able to ground them and provide that all-important human perspective. As well as being the character through whom the audience access the Time Lord’s universe. With the announcement that a “new generation” of Doctor Who is coming soon. I thought it might be fun to imagine who could play the companion. In the 2020s. Let’s have a look:


Ashley Storrie

My only exposure to this actor was in the BBC’s Dinosaur (which is awesome). However, I got some major Donna Noble vibes from her. I can see Storrie being an unfazed everywoman kind of character. That would harken back to Catherine Tate in the best way. The Scottish comic is also autistic, which would be great for disability representation. I’d say that Janey Godley‘s daughter could show us one of the most human and relatable companions since the new series began. Given her obvious comedic talent. I can see a Storrie companion calling out the Doctor and really getting the audience on her side as well.


Amara Karan

Karan has previously played Rita Afzal in the Matt Smith episode The God Complex. Although Rita died during that adventure. Personally, I think they should bring this actor back as Rita’s cousin. In the same way they did with Freema AgyemanThe Wimbledon-born thespian was brave, resourceful, and snarky in her role as Rita. These personality traits are what make a good companion in my opinion. Many fans took a liking to her and it would be great to see Karan in Doctor Who again.


Kristin Kreuk

Although I’ve only seen this performer in Smallville. I believe that she has the compassion and curious nature to be a great Doctor Who companion. Kreuk could portray her character as a genuinely good person and make the audience believe in her character’s goodness. If a future Doctor turns out to be a manipulative type like the 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoyThen we could possibly see the former Lana Lang wrestle with her conscience. And attempt to summon the courage to call out the Oncoming Storm over their actions. My own view is that something like this could speak to a lot of people’s situations.


Chris Wood

My thought is that Wood could depict a companion who is vulnerable but can show resolve when they need to. As well as being someone who could laugh and joke with the Doctor and other companions. And who can also handle the grittier side of life on board the TARDIS. What if Wood plays an actor who played the Doctor? In the film they made of the Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone events referenced in The Husbands of River Song? The former Mon-El could begin his arc as a foppish intergalactic celebrity and end it as a brave and determined hero. Much like DC Comics’ Booster Gold.


Sophie Hopkins

I’m aware I’ve been advocating for Sophie Hopkins to return to the main Whoniverse for a while now. I just really want to see her, Ram (Fady Elsayed, Tanya (Vivian Oparah) , Charlie (Greg Austinand Quill (Katherine Kellyback on TV again for more adventures. Notably, Hopkins could portray a strong, Leela-like companion who wouldn’t just accept what the Doctor told them. Having already experienced how deadly the universe really is. Perhaps April McClean makes a face heel turn. Believing that she can protect the universe better her way. Even if the Class characters are only referenced in a throwaway line I’m sure it would make a lot of fans happy.


Who would you like to see play the Doctor Who companion(s)? Are you excited for this year’s series? Please leave a comment and remember, the problem with having an open mind is that people come along and put things in it. Take care.


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