3 Superheroes That Might Show Up on the Silver Screen in the Coming Years

Katana is no stranger to fans of live-action DC productions - she has shown up in an episode of The CW series Arrow, and she also had a part in Suicide Squad.

Even though Suicide Squad, the superhero team-up movie pitting some of the worst of the DC comic book universe against a massive and deadly enemy didn’t do as well at the box office as some might have expected, it did leave a lasting impression on the audience. So much so, that with Harley Quinn – The Madness Continues on the silver screen. Actress Margot Robbie has confirmed a few days ago that a Harley Quinn movie is in the works, and the Joker’s criminally insane love interest will also show up in productions like Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens, another superhero team-up flick but this time with an all-girl cast. And if she can do it, others can, too. Here are some of the heroes we would love to see get their origin story on the silver screen in the coming years.

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana (DC)

Katana is no stranger to fans of live-action DC productions – she has shown up in an episode of The CW series Arrow, and she also had a part in Suicide Squad. As in the case of many other DC properties, her story is pretty dark and depressive – and would be perfect for a somber, tragic but action-packed and exciting feature film.

In the comics, Katana is an average Japanese girl with exceptional martial arts knowledge called Tatsu Yamashiro. She marries and starts a family with his husband Maseo but is resented by Maseo’s brother, Takeo, for her choice. Takeo provokes a duel with his brother with Tatsu as a prize, using a pair of ancient katanas with mystical powers. Maseo dies in the duel, his soul being captured by one of the swords that later becomes known as the Soultaker. Tatsu takes the sword and discovers that it holds her husband’s soul. She trains as a samurai and leaves for America to put her skills to good use for justice.

While there is no word on a Katana-themed superhero movie, the tragedy of her story might just make a great idea for her own origin story.

Laura Kinney/X-23 (Marvel)

We have found out a great deal about Laura Kinney, born X-23, in Hugh Jackman’s swan song in the X-Men universe, Logan. In it, she was revealed as the subject of an experiment to create clone copies of the X-Men and other powerful mutants. Her powers match those of Wolverine: she has superhuman strength, reflexes, senses, and speed, and she can regenerate from her wounds. In the comics, she has a “successful” career as an assassin before ending up with the X-Men and later joining the X-Force.

According to Logan writer/director James Mangold, X-23 might show up in future X-Men films, perhaps even an X-23 spinoff that might be in the works already. Given her extensive presence in the comic books, this would certainly be a great idea.

Marc Spector/Moon Knight (Marvel)

Marc Spector is a US marine, a professional boxer, and mercenary, who loses his life during a run-in in Egypt. Fortunately for him, he meets his demise on the statue of Khonshu, an Egyptian moon god, who offers him the chance to live again in exchange for becoming his avatar. Upon returning to the United States, Spector decides to dedicate his new life to the service of justice. He creates a hooded silver uniform, and he takes on the alias Moon Knight, also known as “The Fist of Khonshu”.

Moon Knight is not entirely dissimilar from Batman – he is an expert in many forms of combat, he is a skilled acrobat and a gymnast, an expert strategist, a weapons expert, a great driver, and a pilot. He does have superhuman powers but these depend on the phases of the Moon – at full moon he is at his full strength and he is the weakest (but still stronger than the average human) during a new moon.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn seems to think of Moon Knight as a great topic for a brand new movie – according to one of his tweets, he has even pitched the idea to Marvel Studios in 2017.

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