3 Batman Games You Didn’t Know About

The Batman franchise has grown beyond what so many of us long-time fans could have ever imagined. Even back in the days of the Tim Burton run of films,...

The Batman franchise has grown beyond what so many of us long-time fans could have ever imagined. Even back in the days of the Tim Burton run of films, the prospects of the Caped Crusader becoming a global multimedia empire did not seem likely. However, in the past couple of decades, it seems like the Dark Knight himself is everywhere, from films to books, to video games, and, of course, to graphic novels. One area of entertainment where Batman seems to have inspired a particularly prolific output is the realm of digital games, with dozens of titles now available to fans of the franchise. If you’ve already completed the Arkham games more times than you can count, here are three other Batman games you might not be aware of.


Batman: The Enemy Within

If you enjoyed the Telltale point-and-click adventure games, you might be interested in their 2016 mobile game release The Enemy Within, which was published to little fanfare despite being a seriously good game. In this narrative choose-your-own-adventure game, you must ensure that the Dark Knight makes the right choices to prevent Gotham from being destroyed by a terrifying mutant virus.

This game won praise for its immersive and unsettling storytelling and is definitely worth a play if you enjoy the console Arkham series. Despite being a mobile-only installment, it does a surprisingly good job of retaining the action and immersive qualities of the previous games.


Batman Begins Slot Game

The Batman entertainment multiverse includes some rather novel entries, not least the official Batman Begins video slot that was released some years after the original film itself. The slot puts you in the shoes of the Dark Knight himself, allowing you to play for real-money prizes while enjoying cameos from the likes of Commissioner Gordon.

The slot is available at most of the platforms listed in this guide to online casinos in Pennsylvania, including Betway, MGM, and Stars Casino. What’s more, you can even claim free spins bonuses when you sign up, so that you can play for real cash without spending a penny.


Batman: Arkham VR

Did you know that Batman has even ventured into the murky waters of virtual reality? While VR has its ups and downs as a medium, it’s fair to say that the official Arkham VR game released for Occulus and Vive in 2016 is worth a play. The plot actually takes place in between Arkham City and Arkham Knight, providing a great bridge for fans who have played the two games already.

Once you put your headset on, you see everything from Bruce Wayne’s point of view, which can lead to some high-octane gameplay as you fight off the Penguin and Killer Croc in your attempts to save Robin from a grim fate.

These are our favorite niche Batman games that fans of all stripes will love. Have you heard of them before?

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