Science Fiction And The Top Villains In The Universe

Whether they were being bent to the dark side of the force or worked hard to become rotten to the core, science fiction has been a source of some...

Whether they were being bent to the dark side of the force or worked hard to become rotten to the core, science fiction has been a source of some of the most despicable bad guys that ever graced the silver screen. Many of them ran ethically questionable organizations, such as Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers saga. Others, like Quark from deep space 9, could have used a few tips on providing better customer service ensuring a better reputation for their business establishments.

Even among science fiction enthusiasts, there has been an ongoing debate about which science fiction bad guys were the most despicable of them all. Here are a few front runners that were popular favorites for science fiction enthusiasts around the globe.

The Big Bad and Despicable

No review of the top villains of science fiction would be complete without touching on the life of Darth Vader. Was it too much power early on in his life or just the fact that he was stuck in that dreadful costume that left him with such a grumpy disposition all the time? There is no doubt that he was one of science fiction’s greatest villains of all time, but is he the top contender? but is he the top contender? Fans of other science fiction series would probably disagree. Sure, Vader was bad to the bone, but it is clear that he was a small fish in the big black abyss of space compared to some other top contenders.

Can A Woman Fill the Role?

The Borg Queen is perhaps a little more threatening than Darth Vader, when it comes to imposing her devilish plans on the rest of the galaxy and beyond. Aside from enslaving literally hundreds of billions of innocent lives from countless planets, she always seems to have need to assimilate more drones into her collective. And if it means blowing up her own borg cubes to get her way, she’s certainly willing to make that sacrifice to accomplish her objective. Yet, some science fiction fans believe there are threats in this universe even greater than the Borg Queen.

The Ultimate Villain


Davros is perhaps as evil as they come. A certified megalomaniac, and creator of the entire Dalek race in the Doctor Who series, his desire to conquer the universe knows no bounds. If he knew a virus would annihilate all life, he has admitted that he would release it. He even programmed the Daleks to know no mercy. He is a true menace throughout space and time. But, in the new seasons of Doctor Who, he went as far as to unleash a reality bomb, designed to disintegrate all matter in the universe. Even the Borg isn’t that big of a threat to the universe. Yet, it leaves many to question if science fiction has created a greater villain than Davros.

If there is a science fiction villain who is capable of excelling beyond the limits that Davros aspired to reach, such a being would be difficult to imagine. But, such an individual would probably be the cornerstone of another hit science fiction television series. And that would be a series worthy of anticipation.

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