“21” – Relaunch, Reboot or Reimagine?

The well-loved Re-launch, Reboot or Re-imagine series is back and today we will be discussing the movie 21 created by Peter Steinfeld Allan Loeb. The 2008 film is based on a...

The well-loved Re-launch, Reboot or Re-imagine series is back and today we will be discussing the movie 21 created by Peter Steinfeld Allan Loeb. The 2008 film is based on a book titled Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. In 21, we see a group of students from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and their professor who use their knowledge to their advantage when it comes to playing blackjack.

These stories are inspired by the true events which took place during the 90s. The movie 21 of course does not accurately represent the events that transpired. The real MIT team had over 60 players which were constantly changing, meaning that they were more people involved than what the movie portrays.

Re-Launch It

A pretty cool way to re-launch 21 would be to open up the storyline to include more characters. In the real version of events, over 60 different people formed part of this group. In the re-launch, a new series would be created where a more honest retelling of the version of events is portrayed. This series would be a type of docudrama as interviews with the participants would be conducted as well as the reconstruction of key scenes that helped shape this group’s journey. The starting point would be Jeff Ma. This is where the audience would be provided with a look into the star of the group’s thinking. Ma would get the opportunity to walk us through what he was thinking when he joined this group.


Reboot It

A reboot of 21 which looks at a group of people trying to find the best ways that they can benefit from online casinos would be an interesting one. The action would be set at your Yukon Gold Casino and it would follow a group of mathematicians who then enlist the help of programmers. This new group of mathematicians and programmers would learn how the probability of the game functions in online slot games. This reboot would focus heavily on the technologies used and could explore other fields outside of the mathematics that fuelled the original story. For example, the business faculty could be involved, with a focused study on how online casinos market themselves through a wide range of bonuses and partnerships with review sites.


Re-imagine It

A re-imagining of 21 would use some characters from the original, but the time setting is not the same. The re-imagined version would take place in 2100 where Ma’s descendants would have uncovered a diary of Ma’s detailing all of the events which have taken place. The story would be presented in fragmented pieces as all of the events are simply remediated memories now. The series itself would focus on Ma’s descendants and their quest to finding the truth.


What do you think? How would you like to see 21 brought back to the screen?

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