2020 in Review: The Year’s Highlights and Lowlights

2020 in review: this has been a very strange year. Few would disagree with that. Unless you've been living on another planet, or a in another
2020 in review

2020 in review: this has been a very strange year. Few would disagree with that. Unless you’ve been living on another planet, or a in another reality, things have been been very weird indeed. And especially so in the Entertainment Industry. Numerous projects have had to be put on hold. Due to Covid 19 restrictions. Cinemas everywhere have been closed, for most of the year. And even when they briefly opened, there was very little new stuff. The film industry has suffered greatly. There’s been a huge impact on T.V. filming, too.

Just before Christmas, members of the SciFiPulse team recorded the annual year in review edition, for SciFiPulse Radio. Including me! We chatted about shows we enjoyed this year. As well as those we didn’t. We round them up. Not all those mentioned and not in any order. But a selection. We’ll outline why, though you can hear in full detail by listening to our 2020 end of year podcast episode.

What Topped


The Boys (Season 2)

The second season of The Boys impressed. As ever, we were on hand to review this show. And before that we wrote Our Predictions For The Boys Season Two. Furthermore the regular weekly feature, May The Verse With You (exclusively available Friday’s only on SciFiPulse), also based a poem on the hit show. For detailed analysis read our Episode One, Two and Three Review. In an experimental move, the first three all dropped together. After that, you can also read all the subsequent episode reviews of the second season too.

It was definitely one of the shows of the year, for us. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and co. returned in style. No easy task to follow the sensational, and groundbreaking first season. There were thrills, laughs, and tears. And it sets things up for the third season really well.

The Mandalorian (Season 2)

Another welcome return for a great show. Whatever else sucked in 2020 (and so much did) 2020, The Mandalorian rocked! Putting 2020 in review wouldn’t be right without mentioning how much of a highlight this show really was. We learned the name of “The Child”, who was the subject of another SciFiPulse feature, The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi. It offered Razor Crest Wall Art. And the Season Two Finale was exceptional. In a difficult year, it really stood out. All episodes are reviewed and available, as are those of season one.

Doom Patrol (Season 2)

There was lots of excitement about the second season of Doom Patrol, before it dropped. Partly due to the fact there was so few shows coming out. But it deserves credit on its own merit. Truly innovative and fun. The characters are awesome, the writing very bold. For a more in depth view, you can check out our review of Episodes One, Two and Three of the Second Season. And of course, the rest.

What Flopped


Doctor Who

Unfortunately, we hated the “Timeless Child” arc. Far from it being “daring” or “bold”, we felt it was just poor writing. The decision to retroactively alter the show’s past is one of the lowest points, in 2020: In Review. Our view is that the show may well be headed for another hiatus, now. And that may not be a bad thing. And of course, we covered the latest festive special, Revolution of The Daleks.

Brave New World

Our Brave New World Review tells you pretty much everything you need to know. We also wrote Five Failings, identifying why the show was a huge let down. That was followed by Brave New World: Book V Screen. Needless to say, the book won. If they’d have gotten it right, this show could have been superb. Unfortunately it was far from it. What a shame. Consequently, the show was cancelled, after viewers passed their judgment. Perhaps the biggest let down of the year. Definitively a case of style over substance.

War of The Worlds

Okay, this H.G. Wells adaptation was from late 2019. But didn’t get mentioned as a disappointment, last year. We reviewed the whole mini-series. Episodes One, Two and Three. For such an iconic story, getting a big budget going over, it was a bit of a let down. They seemed to want to do something a little bit different. That can either really work, or go the other way. Unfortunately, it was the latter.


During Summer 2020 the cinemas did re-open, briefly (before Lockdown 2.0). One of the team took three life-risking trips to the big-screen, so you’d have some reviews to read. None were particularly great films. But they’re an important aspect to 2020: in review.




As our Review of Tenet explained, the film’s central premise felt a little convoluted. Whatever else is true of this movie, it will go down in history. Not as one of Christopher Nolan’s best. But as one that tried (and failed) to re-launch the big screen. Even the magic of IMAX couldn’t put this one anywhere near to the genius of Inception. But Nolan does deserves credit for his hugely original concept, in his trademark use of non-linear storytelling. It’s definitely a film that might need a good few close watches, before things make sense.

New Mutants

In many ways, this film was doomed to never be massive. We outlined why in our New Mutants Review. There were some good characters, and it was an interesting take on the horror-genre. Considering how much the project struggled, it wasn’t a total disaster. Reportedly, the movie’s post production suffered too, because of Covid 19. Unlikely that would have rescued and made it great, though. A bit of a landmark, in it being the last X-Men outing from Fox, before future Disney bought the rights. Partly why it struggled.

Bill and Ted Face The Music

Fun. And nostalgic. Nostalgic fun! Before the movie arrived, we made predictions and had our say on the trailer. In our Bill and Ted Face The Music Trailer Breakdown. When the film finally arrived we were on hand to critique it. For a full account, check out In Review: Bill and Ted Face The Music. In a year that tested us all, this was a very welcome moment. If ever we needed a hapless duo to save the world, it was 2020. Mostly, it was just great to see the movie finally arrive. An enjoyable romp, though the soundtrack, a massive part of the first two films, lacked energy. But still, it was the best pick of the few new movies available to watch at cinemas in 2020.


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