SDCC 2016 ‘Star Trek’ 50th Anniversary Panel

SDCC Helps Celebrate 50 - Years Of Star Trek with Star Studded Anniversary Panel.

This weekends Comic Con was pretty massive for comic book fans with various trailers and announcements, but it was also a big occasion forStar Trek fans. Not only did the event give us our first look at the latest Starship to grace the small screen and the reveal of ‘Star Trek Discovery’, but it also included an exclusive 50th Anniversary Panel, which celebrated all things ‘Star Trek’.

Guesting on this Anniversary panel were William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk on Enterprise), Scott Bakula (Capt. Archer), Brent Spiner (Data on Star Trek – The Next Generation), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager), Michael Dorn (Worf) and the people behind the new show ‘Star Trek Discovery’, Rod Roddenberry (producer), Heather Kadin and Bryan Fuller.

There was a lot of talk about the new show, but Bryan Fuller was careful not to reveal to much about it, but did say that he was really happy to be working with Nicholas Meyer on the series.

William Shatner talked about a new series he was doing in which he interviews academics and scientists such as Professor Stephen Hawking who were inspired by ‘Star Trek’s’ forward looking vision of scientific advancement and an evolved human race.

You can view the panel in full below:

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