13th Doctor Who Will Be Revealed On Sunday, But Who Will It Be?

Will we have our first Doctor of Race or a Female Doctor Who?

Earlier this evening BBC American released a general press release, which reveals that the 13th actor to play the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ will be announced on Sunday after the mens final at Wimbledon.

This essentially means that all the speculation about who the next Doctor will be can finally end.

But who will it be and is it likely to be any of the actors that have already been bandied about by the media.

To date we’ve heard names ranging from Sue Perkins to Kris Marshall. The latter of which has been a particular favourite with the media, but not with the book makers who pretty much closed the book on Marshall a number of weeks back.

In the past. It has never been the book makers or the media’s favourite that has gotten the role.

If you set your mind back to 2010 when Matt Smith got the role of Doctor number Eleven. Patterson Joseph was the favourite, but ultimately didn’t win the role.

May we see a relative unknown actor score the role? Or will it be an established actor.

It surprised many when Peter Capaldi scored the role three years ago. It also upset many of the shallow minded fan girls that were hoping for another fop haired hero in the same vein as Matt Smith and David Tennant.

Could we be seeing our first Black Doctor or a first female Doctor?

I guess we’re all going to have to wait until Sunday to find out.

Who would you guys like to see take on the role of the next Doctor? Feel free to let us know in the comments below?

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