Wonder Woman Links Two Comic-Con Trailers

We at SciFi Pulse are psyched!
Wonder Woman, DC, Warner Bros

She’s every inch a wonder!

The first trailer from Wonder Woman’s solo film debuted. It looks fabulous!!!! I’m especially happy that they went with William Moulton Marston’s original Pygmalion-inspired origin for her. Plus, Steve Trevor and Etta Candy will be perfect foils for her. We at SciFi Pulse are psyched! The royal warrior is played by Gal Gadot.

Princess Diana of Themyscira provides a bridge in the second trailer, as a founding member of the Justice League. We also get Bat Man, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. It’s insanely awesome!

Both films hit theaters in the summer and fall of next year.

Raissa Devereux became a life-long genre fan at the age of four when she first saw The Wizard of Oz at a screening at Arizona State University. Years later, she graduated from A.S.U. as an English major, History minor, Whovian, and Trekkie. Now a Florida transplant, she loves the opportunity Sci-Fi Pulse has given her to further explore space travel, time travel, masked heroes, gothic castles, and good yarns.
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