In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who – The Early Adventures: THE AGE OF ENDURANCE

Synopsis: In ‘The Age Of Endurance’. The TARDIS materialises on board a still and eerie spaceship. When a squad of soldiers land, they realise they’ve found themselves in the middle...

Synopsis: In ‘The Age Of Endurance’. The TARDIS materialises on board a still and eerie spaceship. When a squad of soldiers land, they realise they’ve found themselves in the middle of a war zone. With one of their crew trapped by the enemy, the Doctor and his friends find themselves locked in a desperate race for survival. Vast warships manoeuvre around each other as both sides try to out-think their opponents, flying into ever more dangerous areas of space.

The stakes could not be higher. But as ever in war, the lines between good and evil are hard to define. Will anyone survive to claim the moral high ground?

Review: In this adventures we get to revisit the first Doctor’s adventures with Ian, Barbara and Susan.

When the Tardis materialises onboard the Endurance. Our heroes find themselves drawn into somewhat of a class war between two very distinct alien races. One being humanoid. The other being the Shifters who are the downtrodden of the two races.

The characterisations within this story are pretty awesome. I loved the voice work used to depict the Shifters when they were in their true form. And the interactions between them and Susan are some of the most tense scenes in the whole story.

Of course Ian gets to play action hero, which was very true of the First Doctors era. But what I loved about this story was the fact that Susan for once did not sprain her ankle, which was something she had a terrible habit of doing during her time on the series when it began in the sixties.

My only gripe is it wasn’t really until around episode three that I started to feel involved with the story. Not sure why this is. But usually am hooked by the close of the opening episode.

The sound effects throughout were absolutely fantastic and the voice acting was awesome.

As mentioned earlier it was great to hear William Russell and Carol Anne Ford voice their roles and Jemma Powell did a fabulous job as Barbara.

Other cast members included John Voce (Toban), Gethin Anthony (Olivan), Andy Secombe (Benya), Tom Bell (Arran/Shift). Other parts portrayed by the cast. All showed impressive Endurance in their respective roles. Tom Bell displayed some impressive vocal acrobatics when it came to his duel role in the story.

This is a fantastic start to the new series of Early Adventures and its great to see William Russell voicing both Ian and the First Doctor again after a years absence from doing so.

You can get your own copy of ‘Doctor Who – The Early Adventures: The Age Of Endurance’ here at Big Finish.

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